Thai me up…Start ‘er’ Revolution….Mix it up Baby….Quirky, fun, colourful, it is just the place to monkey around with the Chimpanzee. Reynold Abranches creates a buzz of relaxation, merry mixes and good food. Shades of blue, green and white, the effect is homely and rustic. The open air restaurant with its mini bar boasts of Goa’s most economically priced malts. The shades of blue flow out into the open air garden with an old well and a trendy dance floor. Arakwanas float lazily in the fish tank; perhaps you would too after imbibing a few of those creatively mixed cocktails. Lounge and dine surrounded by leafy green foliage, the thunder of the Udear Springs echoing in he background.

Before you ‘Start er’ revolution, try a Lady Boy from Pattaya, tender coconut blendid with rum, coconut cream and pineapple which takes you to those devilled feminine wiles of your Bangkok hanky panky. The mixes go global too…Start with the Chicken and Olive Fajitas, the mix rolled kathi kebab style. The Cajun Spiced Baby Corn Fritters, those batter fried cylinders with the aioli sauce (garlic with wasabi mayo) adds spice to each crispy bite.

Going local?? Then try the Pork Solantuilen, a twist from our local Amcol. Kokum, tamarind and garlic gives the additional flavour. Leace space for the mains. A must have is the Butter Garlic Crab. The name is a misnomer. The crab tossed in sauce looks and tastes like Bechamel but is chopped garlic reduced in Chantilly wine. Dirty your hands as you chew on your meat within the tough exterior – remember this is a fun place, nobody is watching. There is a Chinese section too where to quote the chimpanzee ‘man who eats with one chopstick stays hungry’. For desserts try the Chocolate Impossible – a whopper. Brownie, ice cream, chocolate chip, chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, anything chocolate left? It is impossible to finish and although impossibly calorific it is incredibly tasty. The main difficulty – the restaurant is tucked away in the wilderness but once you are there – ‘we prefer to shake it’ a quote from the menu…, good food and a whale of a time.


0832 2782100
488, Casa de Fernando Abranches, Near Holy Cross Church, Verna, Goa

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