Here is a wizard of Continental preparations. He is a chef who comes out to meet his guests and cater to their request. And yes, this is his kitchen: Chef Soumyen’s Kitchen. Down a small alley into a very simple open-air establishment with candles flickering on occupied tables, This eatery is where peace envelops you completely. And you get to interact with the chef. A concept of fine dining, the restaurant has a wide range of spirits and this entrepreneur has stocked his cellar with the choicest wines- from France, Italy, Portugal, Australia, Chile and even India.

The Mateus Rose is a great choice with the Pork Chops, Rum and Lemon Prawns, House style Chicken Liver Pate- the chicken liver roundels cut in slices with crisp triangular toast. Try the Cajun chicken… it’s a special this year or opt for the Blue Cheese Souffle-the hot soufflé comes in straight from the oven with a celery stick and balsamic dressing. The crab meat with apple napped with extra- virgin olive oil is just divine. Beautiful presentation! The dishes one savour here are chef Soumyen’s own creation with a wealth of experience.

For the main course, try the tuna laid on a bed of Capanaka, with paprika infused olive oil. It is excellent and so are his Grilled fillet steaks which come with a variety of sauce- béarnaise, mushroom or blue cheese, plus a few of the chef’s own innovation. His home-made ice cream, namely Rum and Raisin, Vanilla and Chocolate – you just need a scoop to get you into the loop. And when are ready to say goodbye, he is there to leave you with sweet memories of an evening well spent. So if European cuisine is your choice for the evening, you know exactly where to head for. You will have a yen for this experience at chef Soumyen’s kitchen.


0832 2276160, 9226481417
Opp Jambleshwar temple, Gaurowaddo, Calangute, Goa

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