South Goa, a hotbed of crime thanks to massive influx of migrants


Being a tourist destination, Goa attracts thousands of visitors all year-round. Sadly, the quality of these has gone down tremendously, with some even committing crimes from petty ones to major ones. Along with tourists, Goa has a massive migrant population as well. South Goa, in particular, has seen a rise in crime thanks to a lot of these migrants making the region their home.

The influx of migrants has led to a lot of crime in South Goa

According to an article in the Navhind Times, crime has risen along with the number of migrants entering South Goa.

Many cases of theft, burglary, sex trade, drug abuse, kidnapping etc, involving migrant workers, have been reported. Colva is a major target of such cases. Even the other villages in Salcete have been experiencing similar incidents.

The police seem unable to do much about the situation. There just aren’t enough head constables in the police stations attached to these villages. One head constable, stationed at the Colva police station claims that there just 5 of them working there.

Migrants can be found and seen everywhere. Initially, they were employed as day laborers at construction sites or as farmhands. Today, one can find them at hotels, restaurants and other places too. The police say that there has been a significant rise in kidnapping cases and crimes against women thanks to the entry of migrants in large numbers to Salcete. Even the number of street children and child laborers has gone up. Most of these are believed to be children of migrants.

Residents of these areas, who keep migrants as house help or tenants, have been cooperative in giving details to the police if they hire such people.

Crime on the rise in the last few years

Its true, there has been a spate of crimes in the last few years. It’s been happening all over Goa. Murder cases alone have been in large numbers. Out of the 18 reported in 2017, all were successfully investigated, perpetrators arrested and everything settled quickly. In 2016, 16 were reported and out of these, 14 cased were solved successfully. During the course of investigations in both years, 70% of the criminal element as well as victims were found to be migrants.

Violent crimes like assault and murder are usually due to previous enmity and rivalry. Some are even crimes of passion. Whatever the reason, all of it is on the rise and has been since 2006 says a police officer. South Goa police stations have noted this in the case of the many murders that have taken place over the years.

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Information credit – http://www.navhindtimes.in/influx-of-migrants-linked-to-crime-rise-in-south-goa/