South-west monsoons have hit Kerala and should reach Goa soon

It’s that time of the year again. When dark clouds race across the sky, the smell of petrichor fills one’s nose, and everything turns lush and green. The electricity also starts to fail more often than not. This marks the beginning of the south-west monsoons in Goa. These have already hit the state of Kerala in South India and will now make their way across the country. It should take approximately one week for the rains to begin in earnest, in Goa.

South-west monsoons just might reach Goa earlier than expected

After hitting Kerala yesterday, there are expectations that the south-west monsoons could reach Goa earlier than anticipated.

“We expect the monsoon to hit Goa by June 6, or perhaps one or two days earlier or later,” said M L Sahu, director, IMD, Panaji. While it usually takes about a week for the rains to get from Kerala to Goa, an exact date for the same cannot be predicted. The actual arrival depends on conditions over the next few days. However, in recent years, the monsoons have arrived before their tentative arrival date as well if the moisture in the air is conducive.


In 2016, the south-west monsoons weakened after reaching Karwar, and reached Goa 13 days late, on June 19. In 2017, the monsoon reached Goa on June 8, two days later than normal, but earlier than predicted by the IMD.

The last week alone, the state has seen scattered rainfall accompanied by thunder and lightning usually at night. The days still continue to be heavily overcast and mostly dry. The cloudy conditions were caused by a well-marked low-pressure area over the southeast Arabian Sea and adjoining region. This is due to the possible presence of a cyclonic circulation.

People have also been urged not to go into the sea.  The weather conditions are only going to get worse with the onset of the south-west monsoons.

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Information credit – TOI


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