‘Speed Governors’ to monitor rash Transport drivers

By August-end, all new and old transport vehicles will mandatorily be required to install ‘Speed Governors’, limiting the speed to a maximum of 80 km per hour, a move aimed at controlling rash and negligent drivers in Goa.

Speed Limiting Gadget

The transport department has issued a notification, specifying the type of vehicles to be fitted with a speed governor (speed limiting device or speed limiting function) with a maximum speed of 80 km per hour.

Transport Vehicles

As per the notification issued, the transport department has mandated installation of ‘speed governors’ on all commercial vehicles with state permit, national goods permit and all-India tourist permit such as trucks, public buses, school buses and tourist taxis having nine passenger seats.



However, vehicles that have a gross weight of less than 3,500 kg used by police, fire department, ambulances and smaller vehicles like motorcycles, private cars, and three-wheelers have been kept out of this rule which means these vehicles do not need to have a speed governor.

This initiative has been taken up to reduce the number of road accidents that take place in the state. Hoping to see the numbers drop with the installations of the Speed Governor devices.

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