St. Anthony was gazetted as an army officer in Goa?



Much like the virgin beaches in Goa there are many stories untold to majority of Goans. Unless one is a literature buff and has read extensively on Goa, it is not possible for them to known the amazing incidents that have happened in the state. This one is related to St. Anthony the patron saint of the Portuguese army and navy.


Due to this connection he was designated with an honorary post of Captain in the army. The Portuguese authorities were quite serious about this posting as they would every year allocate a part of the state budget to pay the salary of the Officer.

On June 13, the day of the Saint’s feast, the statue would be taken out in a procession to collect the dues owed by the state to him. However in 1838, Governor Baron De Sabroso decided to stop this tradition. Upon the feast day the Governor suffered an accident, in which he fell from his carriage. The incident almost killed the Governor. Taking this as a hint the Governor restored the pay back to the Saint.

Similarly, another Governor by the name of Vila Nova de Ourem was contemplating cancelling the traditional holiday on the feast day of the Saint. Soon he fell from his horse, taking the hint decided not to pursue it anymore.

St. Anthony was born into a noble family from Lisbon in 1195. He joined the friar of the then newly established Franciscan Order (established 11 years before he Joined). In his early days he was became known for his sermons. So much so at the Papal court, his preaching were held as the ‘Jewel case of the Bible’. He passed away in Padua, Italy on June 13, 1231. He is the second most quickly canonized saint (Less than one year after his death) after Peter of Verona.






Photo – Apparition of the Child Jesus to Saint Anthony of Padua?

Artist – Francisco de Zurbarán (1598–1664)

License – Public Domain

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