Let’s be safe! Let’s stop accidents in Goa

Horrifying photographs of mangled bodies and vehicles lying in heaps of twisted metal & plastic

Such sights have become an increasing phenomenon over the last couple of days. As a result, people across the world have been left to despair due to the growing number of accidents and distress in Goa.

Stunned by the alarming number of accidents and deaths in the last couple of days, (read more here) there was an emergency meeting held to curb the rising number of accidents in Goa.

Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar convened a high-level emergency meeting with Chief Secretary/Pr. Secretary (Transport), SP Traffic, Director Transport and other Sr. Officials to discuss the implementation of various Road Safety measures in the State (as soon as possible).


The Chief Minister directed a strict enforcement and crackdown on errant drivers, two-wheeler riders without helmets, drunken driving through the use of Alco-meters, over-speeding, rash and negligent driving, etc. and other motor-vehicle offences.

The imposition of penalties will be prescribed under the law as a strong deterrent against motor-vehicle malpractices. Tightening of the licensing process is also to be undertaken.

The enforcement of the new crackdown is said to have begun on April 19th 2017. The Chief Minister has decided to tighten vigilance and impose strict traffic rules by Traffic Police on roads. He has ordered 50% of old police vehicles to be replaced with new ones to enhance their efficiency.

Who should be blamed for the rising number of accidents in Goa ?

The State Government is optimistic that with strict implementation of these measures, the high accident rate will be curtailed to a large extent. Responsibility has been placed on the Department of Transport, Govt. of Goa and the Traffic Police to ensure regulation of traffic movement for safer driving and penalize rash and negligent driving.

According to a press report, 28 people die on Goan roads every month; In 2017, 105 people have died in 1227 accidents; Incidentally, most killed are motorcyclists.  Aftering implementing the ‘Highway Traffic Discipline Drive’ from 19th April, the traffic police reportedly issued 900 challans on day 1 across North Goa and 880 challans to riders for not wearing a helmet.

However, it will take more than just the authorities and enforcement to curb the number of accidents in Goa. It’s the responsibility of each and every one of us.

We at ItsGoa believe that the only way to reduce the number of road accidents is to take the pledge to drive and ride safely.

Let’s make this message viral and send it to all our contacts –

Let’s put in some efforts to reduce accidents in Goa.. 

Drive safe…  Live safe!

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