Street Foods in Goa Options To Spend Elsewhere During Vacay


The streets of Goa are filled with several roadside eateries, food trucks, food carts and stalls which offer a variety of delectable comfort food. These eateries serve as nice places for those who have a busy schedule to have a quick bite just in case they missed their breakfast or high tea. Here’s a list of some of the most popular street foods in Goa offered at the various roadside eateries.

Chorizo Pao

Chorizo Pao (Image Credit:

First on our list of top street foods in Goa is Chorizo Pao. This is a very popular snack that is exclusive to Goa. It is a sandwich consisting of a Goan poi bread, stuffed with spicy Goan pork sausages, onions, and potatoes. It is available at various food carts and trucks all around Goa and also in the traditional fairs held in different villages and towns in Goa. 


Samosa served with ketchup (Image credit:

Next on our list of awesome street foods in Goa is Samosa. The samosa is as popular with people in Goa as it is with people around the world. In Goa, the main variety of samosa which you can find is the vegetable samosa. Veg samosas come stuffed with potato cubes, beetroot and green peas. There are other varieties of  samosa available in Goa including the beef samosa, mutton samosa and egg samosa as well. Places in Goa that are noted for serving the best samosa include the Hot Meals food truck at Penha de Franca and Malfa’s Fast Food at Utorda. 

Ros Omelette

Ros Omlette (Image Credit: Xantilicious)

This is a very popular snack that you can find at most of the street food carts and stalls in Goa. These stalls start serving them during the evenings and continue to do so till midnight. It is a spicy gravy with onions, curry leaves, black mustard seeds, scraped coconut and spices with a few pieces of omelette dipped in it. Another variant of this gravy which is made for non-vegetarians contains chicken and chickpeas. The ros is cooked separately. The hot ros gravy is poured over the freshly fried omelette and served with Goan bread (pav). Places that serve the best ros omelette in Goa include Ros Omelette on Wheels at Arpora and Gopal Ros Omelette stand at Margao 


Chicken Shawarma (Image credit: Shutterstockck)

This is a spicy Middle Eastern street food that has found its way to Goa, all thanks to the large Goan diaspora based in the Gulf. Stuffed with chicken or beef, along with spices like cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric and paprika, it is commonly served in a flatbread such as pita bread or a hot dog bun along with garlic sauce, fries, and pickles. Places, where you can enjoy nice shawarma in Goa, include Mezmiz Goa at Sangolda and AJ Shawarma at Majorda

Steak bread or Cutlet Pao

Steak bread (Image Credit: Xantillicious)

This is a very popular dish found at different street food joints across Goa. It consists of a large piece of bread roll stuffed with pieces of spicy beef or chicken steak; it is very popular among youngsters as well as busy working class people, who may have missed out on their high tea in the evening. Places, where you can get to enjoy a nice sandwich of steak bread, include Remy’s steak bread at Margao and Rebello’s snack stop in Chinchinim with D’Silvas at Miramar, Texeira’s at Ribandar and Mr. D’souza’s food truck at Saligao.

Gadbad Ice cream

Gadbad Ice-cream (Image Credit:

Concluding our list of best street foods in Goa is Gadbad. And ending our list on a sweet note is the famous and popular Gadbad ice cream. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of 2-3 different flavours of ice cream, topped with some falooda, vermicelli, jelly or jam and served in a tall conical glass. It can be considered as the desi version of the famous American ice cream. It serves as a very nice refreshment, especially on a hot and humid day during the summer. The best places to get your hands on some Gadbad ice cream in Goa include the Cream Centre in Panaji and the Navtara Restaurant in Margao besides Babaji’s in Mapusa and Porvorim.

So, there you have it. The most popular street foods in Goa. So, if you are feeling a little bit hungry and are looking for a nice quick snack, head to one of the many food carts near you and treat your taste buds to a nice delicious snack. Bon Appetit!.