STUTI Choral Ensemble to perform at All Strings Attached: Volume 2 concert

It’s been said before and will be said again, many times over, that Goa is where everyone comes to be happy. Everyone knows the reason for that. The overall atmosphere in Goa is generally a relaxed one. Great food, great nightlife spots, great drinks and great music. The best part is that there is something for everyone. From pop and EDM music that the youth enjoy to even classical music that a more mature crowd would enjoy. And if you’re in Goa today, the STUTI Choral Ensemble performs at a concert at Kala Academy called All Strings Attached: Volume 2.

The Stuti Choral Ensemble

The Stuti Choral Ensemble was created by Fr. Eufemiano Miranda in 2009. Fr. Miranda was the parish priest at St. Inez Church in Panjim then and he set up the choir to bring back choral music into the music community. Along with a versatile group of singers, Fr. Miranda also sings. The Stuti Choral Ensemble consists of around 26 members who sing in 4 voices.

Members of the group come and go as do conductors but Stuti remains consistent in their performances. While they have not performed regularly each year, they have had many noted musicians and singers perform with them at various locations in Goa.


All Strings Attached: Volume 2

Today, Monday, 27 August, the Stuti Choral Ensemble presents All Strings Attached: Volume 2. The theme being celebrating the richness of music for strings. Jason Quadros makes his debut as music conductor for Stuti. There will be performances from other well-known musicians in the classical music field such as Chernoll Mendonca, Leo Velho, Eshvita Menezes, Shalom Palkhivala and Nakul Jogdeo. They will also be joined by musicians like Gorette Pinheiro, Teresa Figueiredo, Atasha D’mello among others.

The concert begins at 7 pm at Kala Academy (DMK hall). Entry is free for anyone who appreciated classical music. The gates open at 6:30 so be sure to get there on time. Organisers have also mentioned it will be over by 8:30 pm.

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