Superstitions followed in Goa!


We live in an age of computers and science where everything happening has a reason and a scientific explanation. Superstitions which are considered foolish are still gulped down not only by lay people, but also by the highly educated ones. Superstitions are usually believed by people because they are age old ones followed by even their ancestors.

Goans believe in superstitions like how kids are believe in the tooth fairy. Some of the common superstitions we have believed since childhood are listed below. Feel free to relate to them as we know that some point in your life your parents must have told you about them and even made you believe in them.


  • If a crow begins to caw near a house, it is believed that a relative or some good news is coming your way.
  • If black ants are carrying sugar in the house then good wealth is going to follow them into the house.
  • If a crow or a bird happens to defecate from above on a persons body then good luck is going to strike that person after that moment.
  • If a child is unwell then the child is suspected to be struck by evil eye or dixtt of a person. This act calls on the dixttakarns to heal the child using spicy chillies and salt.
  • When a dog howls at night, it is considered to mean that bad luck is going to strike someone or the spirits are roaming around the neighborhood.
  • If a pregnant woman sees a snake in her dream then a boy will be born to her; but if she sees a water snake she will get a girl!
  • If a child goes under the legs of an adult then the child will stop growing. To reverse this, the child must go back under the legs of the adult in the opposite direction.
  • After the lamps have been lit at home, it is advised that no salt, coconut, money or rice should be lent to anyone, as it is believed that lending these commodities will cause some harm to the lender.
  • Sweeping the house after sunset sweeps away the wealth of the house along with the dust.
  • Leaving your footwear upside down in the house is surely going to start an argument between people living in the house.

Superstitions have been in our culture and do not seem to be going away anytime soon. Know about any superstitions people follow? Don’t forget to write to us in the comments below.