There is harmony of ingredients, old recipes being reinvented and passion ignited in the culinary arena by Aneel Verman who has created a niche restaurant called Sur la Mer. Walk through a lobby filled with treasure trove of antiques into a garden by the pool. The fundamentals of ‘fusion gastronomy’ is about to be unveiled. A glance through the menu might list old traditional favourites- a Thermidor, Duck a la Orange, American T Bone Steak. But wait, behind the simplicity of the preparation there is a method of fusing different ingredients to add value to the preparation. Sit down and relax once the order is placed and let the peace invade your senses. The Bloody Mary is a class apart, but if you love your single malts then this is the place for you, a connoisseur’s delight.

On certain days of the week, the tinkling notes of the piano add mystery to the dark canopy with the twinkling lights up above. Feast on 3 Cheese Filo Pastery made of Mozzarella, cheddar and blue cheese with a pesto sauce baked to perfection and accompanied with potatoes, a red wine reduction and balsamic vinegar. This three in one combination is fused to perfection. Another hot crunchy favourite are the batter fried Prawns impaled on a sugar cane skewer. Chinese flavours with ganne ka juice is yuuum! The Fish Brasilia (fish cooked in olive oil with olives, garlic, tomatoes) is flambéed with gin. Top up your glasses at this juncture… the spirit should not only speak through the food, although the traditional Lobster Thermidor would vie for attention. For a niche restaurant all basic fundamentals are well in place… ambience, food, a well stocked bar what more is left to be experienced? On an analysis of an evening well spent, it is just fusion of the above mentioned entities.