When in Rome do as the Romans do…so goes the saying. And when in Goa…live like the Goans do ‘susegado’ relax and live a little. And at Sousegado, for quality relaxation – this is just the place for you. Miles of pure sand, blue ocean, chaise loungers for the sun worshippers and a bar to take care of all your needs. Now while this eatery specializes in seafood, the barman too is handy with his mixes. As the sun rises in the clear blue sky and people are ready to begin a hearty breakfast, the barman is ready with his concoctions. From 9.30 am to 10.30 pm his ever ready demeanour mixes and pours from a well stocked bar. Nibble on masala peanuts as you sip on a chilled Mojito. Crunch on those cheese lings and with a cheesy smile let the Margarita slide with slow abandon down your throat. There is a drink for every moment of the day…and with the gentle lapping of the waves across the beach relax with a Goan susegado…the local Feni with its lemony flavour will work on its very own magic to put you in the right frame of mind.

This place has all the right mixes…including snaky tit bits to while away the hours. Spring Rolls or Falafel will energize you to take a short walk across the pristine sands and enjoy nature’s beauty. And as the golden orb of the night is still young and happening. And with the four ‘s’ …sorry five… sun…sand…sea…. Spirits…and susegado…Can anyone ask for more?

Blue sea, blue a sky, it is the exact environment to lull you into the ‘susegado’ mood. And what does the word mean? Relax and live a little. The Goan mantra brought to you by the Leela…and still they grill…grill…grill you till you are totally relaxed. The grill! It is pure torture as the chefs allow the tantalizing aroma waft across the space between the kitchen and the restaurant because this place believes in the ‘catch of the day.’ And although fish features predominantly on the menu…the meats too are grilled to perfection. But besides the grills, the chefs pamper your palate with light preparations that will tickle your tastebuds. Try their Susegado salad with prawns. The name tells it own story. The prawns lie in that supine position soaked in a cocktail sauce…The fruit (apple and pineapple) labouriously nudging the salad to a fruitier aftertaste. Or perhaps the Trio of prawns – the three in one combo of Dry Prawn Kishmur, Masala Fried Prawns and Prawn Balchao – definitely a taste of Goa. Coming back to the grill – a definite recommendation!


The fishing jetty across the river Saal is testimony to the fact that one cannot get fresher. Red snapper, pomfret, king size prawns, lobster….it’s your choice for the day. The entrée of seafood treasure; there is no need to go deep sea diving diving for this treasure. Brought to you on a platter – half a lobster, tiger prawns, royal basa fillet, calamari (Continental style or Indian Style). The choice is yours. But as you sit under the elegant but basic – rustically thatched hut with miles and miles of sand before you, sipping chilled drinks from the aquamarine blue goblet placed in front of you, order the Smoked Scottish Salmon with potato rosti, sour cream, capers, onion and dill or the Grilled New Zealand Lamb chops served with grilled vegetables, jacket potatoes and jus. The taste is guaranteed to blow away the blues. And as the golden orb of the sun slowly turns the skies from hues of orange to shade of purple and blue…remember the night is still young to keep your mood in mode susegado.

0832 6621234
The Leela, Cavelossim, Mobor, Goa.

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