9 Reasons Why Goa is a Lifetime Travel Experience

North Goa Beach

When it comes to Goa, it cannot be anything but love at first sight. This pint-sized state is a colorful blend of myriad cultures, spiced with sea, sand, sun, and seafood. There is nowhere in India quite like Goa. There are so many unique aspects to Goa, that you have to experience it to feel […]

Top 5 Water Sports in Goa

Goa water sports

With such a long coastline and so many gorgeous beaches, is it any wonder that water sports are so popular in Goa? We’re literally water babies out here. So if you love water sports, here are the top 5 water sports in Goa. Windsurfing Think of a windsurfing board as just another regular surfboard, but […]

Goa adds another feather to its cap : Hot Air Ballooning

Up, Up and Away we go! Launched for the first time last year by GTDC, hot air ballooning has become a rave among tourists especially the romantic newly-weds. “We are very happy to re-start operations of hot air ballooning services….” stated MLA and chairman of GTDC Nilesh Cabral. (As reported by The Hindu) Longing for […]