Drishti lifeguards assist with Ganesh Chaturthi immersion across Goa

Ganesh Chaturthi immersion

After a brief lull in the torrential rains this monsoon, the weather has worsened. Heavy rains have been lashing the state, and the seas which had calmed down have once again become torrid. This increases the risk of drowning, and with Ganesh Chaturthi being celebrated in the state, Drishti Marine, the state-appointed professional lifeguard agency […]

9 Reasons Why Goa is a Lifetime Travel Experience

North Goa Beach

When it comes to Goa, it cannot be anything but love at first sight. This pint-sized state is a colorful blend of myriad cultures, spiced with sea, sand, sun, and seafood. There is nowhere in India quite like Goa. There are so many unique aspects to Goa, that you have to experience it to feel […]

Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve in Goa

Christmas celebrations

Goa has always been a popular holiday destination for people from all over the world along with the rest of India. The former Portuguese colony with its rich culture and joie-de-vivre ambiance attracts the most number of tourists all through the year but even more so at Christmas time. in fact, there are so many […]

Swimming on Goa’s beaches after dark will soon be a punishable offense


Most of Goa’s beaches face the wide open seas. That means whether the weather is fair or not, there is a certain amount of danger in going swimming as there are a lot of undercurrents and riptides. It’s far worse in the monsoons. Waves are strong and they often scale a height of at least […]

Visitors to Betalbatim beach now feel safer with beach patrol happening


Betalbatim’s Sunset beach was the scene of a horrifying gang rape recently. A young couple, said to be locals, were on the beach towards late evening when they came in contact with the trio of rapists. However, while the culprits were apprehended swiftly, the incident highlighted an important fact. That Goa’s beaches are not safe […]

14 people went into the sea, 5 were dragged away by the current


It’s no secret that the monsoons are beautiful but dangerous at the same time. The monsoons in Goa last for 4 months, between June and September. During this time, all beach activities, watersports, and even fishing are suspended. This is to avoid any calamities like drowning and capsizing in the sea. Unfortunately, as much as […]

Monday’s sea surge was worse than the weekend

sea surge

The weekend’s high energy sea surge left North Goa’s beaches in a state of fear, confusion and complete disarray. India meteorological department (IMD), Panaji, had issued a high wave alert following inputs by Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad, about the storm surge for two days on April 21 and 22. But […]

Rough waves crash down on North Goa beaches over the weekend


The weather in Goa has been leaning towards the strange side these past few days. It’s unusually hot and extremely humid this summer. People are feeling ill thanks to the same. Even the weekend brought strange weather to the beaches. The North Goa beaches from Morjim to Keri saw high energy sea waves that destroyed […]

South Goa’s coastline from Arossim to Galgibaga is just beautiful

For the smallest state in India with a coastline that’s approximately 102 kilometres long, Goa has some of the most beautiful beaches. While the north has some pretty great ones, it’s clear that South Goa’s beaches are the real gems with their more or less peaceful atmosphere and white, sandy surfaces. Of course, not all […]

Goa Lifeguard agency will resume setting up of safe swim-zones on beaches from Monday

safe swim zones

With the monsoon season having come to an end and post-monsoon showers receding, Drishti Lifesaving, the state-appointed professional lifeguard agency will resume setting up of safe swim-zones on Goa’s beaches from the 9th of October 2017. At the start of the monsoon season, the lifeguard body had issued an advisory instructing visitors to the beach not […]