Jewel In The Crown of Panjim City

By Jyoti Dhond She has been overseeing Panaji city for 413 long years. Witnessed revolts, rallies, strikes, film shootings, processions, feasts, and whatnot. Atop a hillock on the way to Altinho in Panaji, where Portuguese soldiers once stopped to worship. Built as a small chapel in 1541 and later on was bestowed the honor of […]

The veneration of the beloved Infant Jesus at the Colva Fama 2018


Colva is one of Goa’s best-known beachside villages. In the old days, it was a favorite among Shashtikars for their family picnics with its white, sandy beach and gently swaying coconut trees that offered some respite from the hot sun. Over the years, this beach has become popular with tourists and is visited by many […]

The granary of Salcete – Curtorim celebrates the famed Handi Khuris feast

Handi Khuris feast

It would seem like there is a feast or a festival to be celebrated almost every month in Goa. Vasco recently celebrated its Damodar Saptah feast in the Damodar temple. While the temple festivities are done, stalls put up, selling wares are still there and probably will be for the next couple of weeks. Goa […]

The age old tradition of celebrating the Harvest festival in Goa


Celebrating the Harvest festival in Goa is a tradition that has been around for years. Two villages in Goa are famous for their celebrations; Raia in South Goa and Taleigão in North Goa. The feast is celebrated on the 5th of August with great excitement. The Harvest festival is centuries old One cannot begin to […]

The crowning glory that is the Kopel or flower crown at São João

kopel or flower crown

The feast of St. John the Baptist or São João is celebrated every year on 24th June. It’s a feast with the added excitement of jumping into wells and other water bodies for fun. Celebrated all over Goa, it is definitely more popular with people living in North Goa. And, of course, as with all […]

There are 3 churches dedicated to St John the Baptist in Goa

St John

The feast of St John the Baptist is almost here. Celebrated on the 24th of June every year, it’s one of the most popular feasts among Goans and is better known as São João to everyone in the state. And of course, since it’s a feast, there has to be a saint involved. Which also […]

Santachem Pursanv – A well known traditional procession in Goa

Santachem Pursanv

Goa is a state that has a large number of devout Catholics. You see these people in the numerous villages that surround the major towns in the state. In fact, today is the day of Santachem Pursanv or the Penitential Procession of Saints. This is a unique procession that takes place every year at St. […]

The feast of the Three Kings is celebrated today in Goa

three kings

Today, the 6th of January is the day of ‘Epiphany’ or the Feast of the Three Kings. The feast is celebrated all over Goa with great joy by Catholics as well as people from other religious faiths. The villages of Reis Magos/ Verem in North Goa and Chandor and Cansaulim in South Goa are where […]

Mount Mary Feast or Fulanchem Fest celebrated in Goa

Just as Farangipet in Canara, Vailankanni in Chennai and  Mount Mary’s in Bandra, Goa too celebrates Mount Mary Feast. The Feast of Our Lady of the Mount ( Monte) or Mount Mary Feast will be celebrated on 8th September the world over by people from different faiths. It is the Feast of the Nativity or […]

Novenas and the Feast of St. Francis Xavier: How it all came into existence

St.Francis Xavier

9 day Novenas held for the feast of St. Francis Xavier from 24th November, culminates on the 3rd of December, the Feast Day. The story behind the ‘Novena of Grace’ dates back to December 1633. It began on March 4th that year and ended on the 12th, the day of the canonization of St. Francis […]