St Augustine Tower is one of Goa’s most spectacular monuments

St Augustine

It’s an iconic structure that is visible to all that approach Goa’s former capital of Old Goa from the old Ponte Conde de Linhares route. Tourists visit it all year round without knowing anything about it. This edifice that is now in a state of ruins has also been reproduced thousands of time on postcards […]

The relics of St Ketevan return to India after a year in Georgia

St Ketevan

Every year at the end of February, the St Augustine Tower at Old Goa becomes the site of the Ketevan World Music Festival. This is an event that is awaited by many, especially those that love classical music. The Ketevan World Music Festival is an event that pairs music with a religious coexistence; a space […]

Welcome to the Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival 2018

Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival

It’s that time of the year again. The Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival is back to give you music to woo all the five senses. The festival, which takes place in Old Goa every year, combines music traditions from the East and West inspired by the life of St. Ketevan, Queen of Georgia. It is […]

Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival, 2017 – Remembering a Saint, a Queen

The Ketevan World Sacred Music Festival will begin at Old Goa from 10th to 19th February. The Festival showcases a combination of musical traditions from different eras from the East and the West. The Ketevan Music Festival got its name from the erstwhile Saint, Queen Ketevan. A 16th Century Georgian Queen who suffered in exile in […]

Georgian Queen Ketevan buried in Goa?

In 1614, It had been over a hundred years since the Portuguese took Goa from the Bijapur Sultanate. Grand churches were built and more were being built. Besides Old Goa, the ‘Rome of the Orient’ was expanding every day. A recently built St. Augustine Church (1602) stood 46 metres high. The church was one of […]