Benaulim Beach and its famous folklore village of ‘Banahalli’

The idyllic Benaulim beach is situated in South Goa between Colva and Mobor Beaches.  Its village name is steeped in folklore. A picturesque fishing village, Benaulim is dotted with paddy fields and still retains the Portuguese feel. There are two beaches, the main Benaulim Beach and a smaller one called Vaddi. Benaulim boasts of being one of […]

Goan way of beating the heat? Not anymore

beating the heat

Goa is known for its beaches and a relaxed lifestyle. Every other Indian would trade anything in the world to be a Goan. Goa receives hundreds of domestic tourists in the summer season. All come down to beat the heat by taking a plunge in the clear blue ocean and living the Goan way of […]

What you should not miss out on when in Goa- Part I

Goa is known as the land of “Sun, Sand and Sea”. The idea of visiting Goa would be unwinding on the beach or partying away at the famous night clubs people seem to think that Goa is all about. Well there is much more to Goa than the beaches and night clubs. Here is a […]

Holiday in Goa along with the furry one

Majority of people believe that owning a pet restricts them from going on holiday, be it small or long vacation. Leaving the pet home alone or with a nanny can be heartbreaking for both you and your four-legged friend. Many people are left without the joys of owning a pet simply because they choose travelling over them. […]

Enjoying Goa on a shoe-string budget!

By Marlon Moraes The next time your friend calls you up to say, “Let’s go to Goa for a holiday”, and you hesitate whether to say yes or no because of the tight budget you are on. Think again! We bring to you a decent and affordable holiday itinerary for your next visit to Goa. […]