A Goan Khazan is a treasure trove for aquaculture, agriculture and salt panning

Khazaan lands

The Hindi word ‘khazana‘, means treasure. All over Goa, there is an intricate system of water dukes, sluice gates, bunds, furrows and canals that date back to the B.C (before Christ) era. These ecosystems are called the Khazan Ecosystem of Goa. They are truly an ecological treasure (an ecological Khazana). What exactly is a Khazan? […]

Khazan lands in Goa an engineering marvel?


It is considered that the Khazan lands were created many centuries ago and pre-date the Christian and Islamic occupation of Goa. In fact one of the earliest inscription mentioning the Khazan lands; belongs to a sixth century AD copper plate. The inscriptions on the copper plate mentions a local king donating Khazan land. What are […]