If you’ve never seen a 1920 Citroën Torpedo Sport, you’re missing out

Vintage Car and Bike Festival

Cars and motorcycles are such a necessity these days. Given the fact that public transport doesn’t effectively reach every corner of our living spaces, the need for one’s own transport has become extremely important. Thankfully getting a car of your own is easier now with EMI finance schemes and auto loans – but this wasn’t […]

Panjim-Margao traffic will have alternate route, say authorities

Panjim-Margao traffic

Goa is well on its way to getting two new bridges that are supposed to ease the state’s traffic woes in the long run. For now, traffic is chaotic despite one of the new bridges, the one over the Mandovi river, almost being ready. However, in recent months, most of the attention has been on […]

The tiny village islet of Vanxim lies beyond Divar in a picturesque setting


Looking across the Mandovi river, the sister islands of Chorao and Divar are easily visible. As one drives down the Ponte Conde de Linhares, the islands get closer, separated only by the Mandovi. Both are just a short ferry ride away. Both these islands have a rich history and are well known to Goans all […]

The 11 rivers in the beautiful state of Goa are lifelines for its people

11 rivers

Rivers are both important and beautiful. You will always find settlements by rivers in order to make full use of water and food supply. India has a vast network of rivers, most of which either drain into the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Goa, India’s smallest state has a total of 11 rivers […]

Investigating the ‘illegal’ art installation in the intertidal zone in Panjim

art installation

The Serendipity Arts Festival 2017 showcased different art forms through painting, music, dance and even art installations. It was a week-long event to remember and if one walks around Panjim, the remnants of the festival can be seen here and there. There’s the giant painting of the Goan aunty down the side of the Junta […]

Setting sail down the Mandovi river with Aqua World Cruises

Aqua World Cruises

There is something to be said for being out on the water. It soothes and calms you like no other activity in the world. People have been sailing the seven seas in search of adventure for centuries. It’s no secret that the waters hold many secrets and we will probably never be able to unearth […]

Goa gets its first Cycling Track and Walkway along the Mandovi

cycle track

Goa gets a new cycling track along the River Mandovi in Panjim. The almost complete path is beautiful and aesthetic. It is a 1.5 Km stretch right from Children’s Park Campal to the Sports Authority (SAG) sit-out, Campal. The multi-purpose track can also be used by joggers and as a walkway by the elderly who […]

Rivers: Mandovi and Zuari among 8 for immediate development

Along with 6 other national rivers,Goa’s famous Mandovi and Zuari will be fast tracked for development as national waterways. Chairperson of Indland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), Amitabh Verma recently disclosed that 8 rivers in the country have been shortlisted for immediate development as national waterways. Apart from Mandovi and Zuari, other waterways include Barak in Assam, […]

Once upon a time: Mandovi and Zuari were one River!

History never fails to surprise. Goa although a small state with a unique identity has much more to uncover about it than is currently known. According to a recent report by A K Chaubey, Mandovi and Zuari Rivers flowed as one river thousands of years ago. “The sea level was lower during the last glacial period, […]

Mhadei issue? What is it’s impact on Goa?

Mhadei River also known as Mandovi River in Goa gets about 3,538 MCM (million cubic meters) or 200 Thousand Million Cubic feet (tmc ft) of water every year. Neighboring states are planning to divert 214 MCM or 7.5 tmc ft of water from the River. Although it may not seem much when calculated in total. […]