Drishti lifeguards learn how to rescue distressed marine life


Goa has long since been known for a lot of things. History, culture, heritage, a laidback ambiance and so much more are part of the package deal that is Goa when looking for a fantastic holiday spot. But besides the usual tourism-related activities, there’s loads more in terms of the flora and fauna that India’s […]

Drishti lifeguards spot Bluebottle jellyfish on Baga beach in North Goa

Bluebottle jellyfish

The seas are full of strange creatures. Some of these are harmless. Others are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Take the Portuguese Man-of-War jellyfish for instance. While not a true jellyfish it is still absolutely terror-inducing. It is also known as the Floating Terror or Bluebottle jellyfish. And now, a cluster […]

Shipwrecks make for a diver’s paradise in Goan waters

Goa a Diver’s paradise Shipwrecks in and around Goan waters have become a divers paradise. Besides, Goa is also famous for its coral reefs and amazing marine life.  Diving to these shipwrecks not only gives you a glimpse of the underwater beauty but also that of Goa’s historical past. 18 species of fish life, including […]

Impact of plastic debris on marine animals

plastic debris, polluted Goa coastline, marine life in danger

The Goan coastline, marred with plastic debris, isn’t news and neither a rare phenomenon. But what’s making news and a major cause for concern is its impact on the State’s marine life. Do animals in general have the ability to distinguish debris from food or natural elements? What about marine animals? Are these creatures under […]