The monsoons are around the corner. Are you ready for it?

Cyclone map for monsoons in Goa

The monsoons are possibly the best time to be in Goa. Sipping on chai and eating pakoras, the smell of wet mud around and the sight of lush greenery. It’s so romantic! But be warned, this year the monsoons are just around the corner – and as per the weather forecast for Goa, it’s going […]

The city of Panjim and surrounding areas disappear underwater


It happens every year. The monsoons in Goa are definitely something to behold. The sky turns shades of gray and sometimes even black. The pastoral scene changes from sunny to gloomy but still has brilliant shades of green. The fields disappear underwater, only to surface after the rainy season is over. Of course, now with […]

Defog Your Car Screens Easily

With the arrival of the monsoon season, the problems we face seem to be increasing everyday. From water-logged roads, to malaria, a bucket load of traffic and we shouldn’t forget fogging of our car windows and screens! The latter being a bit dangerous as fogging of the windows causes difficulty in vision of the oncoming […]

Checkout what a mosquito can do to humans!

After last summer’s scorching heat, the rains arrived as a welcome relief to Goans. The rains however brought their own set of worries with them. It is a well known fact that stagnated water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Hence, it is very important to keep the surroundings clean, especially making sure the water […]