Tips for Safe Driving in The Monsoon Season in Goa

Driving in the monsoon season can present unique challenges due to heavy rainfall, slippery roads, and reduced visibility. To ensure a safe and pleasant journey in Goa during this time, consider the following tips for driving in the monsoon season: Check your vehicle: Before hitting the road, make sure your vehicle is in good condition. […]

Exciting Activities to Do During Monsoons in Goa

When the monsoon season arrives in Goa, the state transforms into a lush green paradise. The rain-soaked landscapes, gushing waterfalls, and the refreshing aroma of wet earth create an enchanting atmosphere that is perfect for exploration and adventure. While the popular beaches may take a temporary backseat during this time, there is no shortage of […]

Drishti to declare 24 unsafe locations as No Selfie zones in Goa


Goa’s monsoons are underway and the state has seen some heavy rainfall in the last two weeks. This still hasn’t stopped tourists from flocking to the state in large numbers. However, lack of understanding on their part has led to some tragic occurrences of drowning in the last week alone. This is no surprise given […]

Swimming on Goa’s beaches after dark will soon be a punishable offense


Most of Goa’s beaches face the wide open seas. That means whether the weather is fair or not, there is a certain amount of danger in going swimming as there are a lot of undercurrents and riptides. It’s far worse in the monsoons. Waves are strong and they often scale a height of at least […]

14 people went into the sea, 5 were dragged away by the current


It’s no secret that the monsoons are beautiful but dangerous at the same time. The monsoons in Goa last for 4 months, between June and September. During this time, all beach activities, watersports, and even fishing are suspended. This is to avoid any calamities like drowning and capsizing in the sea. Unfortunately, as much as […]

Drishti Issues Advisory for the Monsoon Months of June to September

monsoon months

After an extremely hot and humid summer, the monsoons have finally hit Goa. And as we all know, the monsoon months from June to September have to be heeded with caution. From driving on the roads to even visiting the beach, as tourists usually do, everyone needs to be extremely careful. For this reason, Drishti […]

Power outages to continue for two more weeks, says electricity department

power outages

Just before the onset of the monsoons in Goa, the local government authorities take up all kinds of maintenance work. Driving down the roads in Goa, especially in the city areas, one can see tree branches being pruned, gutters being cleaned, potholes being filled and so on. But despite all this, there are still problems […]

‘Jumping Chickens’ begin invading Goan palates

frog meat

The onset of the monsoon has ushered in a renewed fondness for a delicacy that’s infamous, yet underground. Frog Meat or ‘Jumping Chicken’ as it has come to be known is a much sort after dish these days, available at several eateries and houses. However, the Goa Forest Department has cautioned frog eaters of serious […]

State-appointed lifeguard agency issues advisory for the Monsoon months


With moderate and heavy rains lashing various parts of Goa, Drishti Lifesaving, the state-appointed professional lifeguard agency has issued a monsoon advisory instructing visitors to the beach not to venture into the sea during the monsoon months extending from June till the end of September. According to the MET department, the southwest monsoon has advanced […]