Goencho Avaaz and locals SAVE the 200-year-old mango trees outside Colvale

Goencho Avaaz protect Mango Trees outside Colvale

Following yesterday’s protest by NGOs Goencho Avaaz and The Green Brigade along with locals outside Colvale, PWD Minister Ramakrishna (Sudin) Dhavlikar has given his assurance that the 6 mango trees at the entrance to Colvale that are almost 200 years old will not be felled. After a campaign started by Colvalkar, noted fashion designer and […]

Goa stands strong against the felling of trees on NH66

Chipko Movement in Colvale

On February 22, ItsGoa ran an article regarding the proposed felling of over 3500 fruit bearing trees to facilitate the widening of the Mumbai-Goa highway. In the article, we referenced a campaign started by noted fashion designer, Padmashree Wendell Rodricks to save the trees. The campaign reached close to 4000 signatures, resulting in the post […]

Goa will lose over 3500 trees, but you have the power to stop it

If you’ve ever journeyed to Mumbai by road on the NH66, there’s a very good chance you’ve passed the quaint village of Colvale. While doing so, at the very entrance of the village, a magnificent group of centuries-old mango trees rises like giants from the ground, welcoming passers-through and bidding them hello or goodbye in […]

Time to say goodbye to Guirim Coconut Trees

Guirim Coconut Trees

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday criticized environment protection laws, arguing that, ironically, they sometimes come in the way of protecting the environment itself. He cited the case of the solid waste garbage treatment plant at Saligao, which was stalled after a case was filed at the National Green Tribunal. “A regulatory authority and judicial […]

Roads in Goa which haunt us

Goa has a history of haunting stories, some about churches, some about bridges and there are even some on houses which are haunted by supernatural forces. There have been tales of people facing terrifying moments while commuting in Goa. Here are a list of roads which are said to have haunted people in the past. NH-17 […]