Jewel of Goa, not originally Goan?

There are many aspects of Goa unknown by us locals. Some of them are hidden in plain sight. Don’t believe me? Let me give you an example. Anacardium, originally derived from a Greek word, is the name given to a tree found in Goa. The name refers to the unusual location of the seed, outside the […]

Forts in Goa – Know more about them!

forts in goa

With Goa having a long list of conquerors over the centuries, it has a number of forts which were used for different reasons. Forts were mainly utilised as a strategic part of defense for the rulers. Here are some of the forts which played an important part in Goa’s history. Fort Aguada Fort Aguada is […]

Love for the dying tradition- Fado

Fado is a music genre traced back to the 1820s. They are folk songs sung by fadistas (fado singers) and was brought to Goa by the Portuguese. Dying tradition Due to advent of modernity and modern day music (EDM, Pop, rock etc.), we are losing our traditions. We are so engrossed in the present trends […]

The enchanting story of Mhamai Kamat House in Panaji!

  Mhamai Kamat house is located opposite the statue of Abbe Faria. Many people have passed by it without knowing the interesting story behind the house or rather the family that resides into it. The family was torn apart in the 16th Century by the much dreaded Crusades under taken by Jesuit Missionaries in Salcete […]

Were there German spies in Goa?

German spies in Goa? Technically, yes. During the World War II there were three German ships along with one Italian merchant ship stationed in Goa. These ships were protected from any British attack in the neutral waters of the Portuguese territory of Goa. These ships did more than just stay put. So, exciting is the […]

Is there a fort in Miramar?

Much like many traces of history are wiped out or lost over time, Gaspar Dias fort too has not left any traces of it ever being in existence. Kept alive by historians, history buffs and Goan enthusiast its memory fades with every generation. Only remnant of this military structure seems to be the cannon at […]

British occupation of Goa?

It is a piece of history forgotten by many, unknown to the rest and remembered by a few. Goa is unique and unique is its history. Much of it is yet to be explored. But general ignorance is making the known redundant. So was Goa ever under British occupation? During the Napoleonic wars France under […]

Things you didn’t know about Fontainhas!

The area speaks about an era gone by. For the last quarter century or so, the city of Panjim has been changing rapidly. From being a beautiful capital under the Portuguese (later under Goa government) into the crowded city it is today. But there still exists an area in Panjim that has managed to retain […]