Tips for Safe Driving in The Monsoon Season in Goa

Driving in the monsoon season can present unique challenges due to heavy rainfall, slippery roads, and reduced visibility. To ensure a safe and pleasant journey in Goa during this time, consider the following tips for driving in the monsoon season: Check your vehicle: Before hitting the road, make sure your vehicle is in good condition. […]

The monsoons are around the corner. Are you ready for it?

Cyclone map for monsoons in Goa

The monsoons are possibly the best time to be in Goa. Sipping on chai and eating pakoras, the smell of wet mud around and the sight of lush greenery. It’s so romantic! But be warned, this year the monsoons are just around the corner – and as per the weather forecast for Goa, it’s going […]

Kerala floods should serve as an eye opener for Goa too


The southern state of Kerala suffered massive damages and losses with the recent floods. The official death toll as of now is approximately 400 but there could still be many more that have lost their lives. Even with the flood waters receding, tens of thousands are still stranded. People have lost their homes and earthly […]

Continuous rainfall, Dam crosses danger level

Areas of Goa have been experiencing continuous rainfall over the last couple of days. According to the Goa MET department, the State will witness heavy to very heavy rainfall over the next few days.  As per the report, Saturday and Sunday would be the heaviest, though, the impact of the phenomenon was felt on Wednesday. […]