The pretty and verdant village of Curtorim in Salcete


A mere 15 minute drive from Margao lies the beautiful village of Curtorim. It is picturesque and peaceful, with the river Zuari flowing gently on one side. There is an abundance of paddy fields in the village as well as the well known Curtorim lake. The village is also home to a number old Goan […]

Margao meets to demand that the RP 2021 for Goa be thrown out

RP 2021

The day is coming when Goa will no longer be a beach paradise. All the lush green fields, the rolling hills, the forests that are rich in flora and fauna will be turned into a concrete jungle. This is what will happen if or when greedy landgrabbers get their hands on the jewel that is […]

The scenic villages of Chorao and Divar across the river Mandovi

scenic villages

Goa is full of little villages from north to south. All of them are beautiful in their own way. They are all scenic, surrounded by lush forests, ponds, lakes, rivers and even the sea. Two very pretty and scenic villages are the sister islands of Chorao and Divar located across the river Mandovi. Both are […]