Netravali: A nature lover’s paradise in our backyard


It’s truly amazing how most people bitten by the travel bug will go to all kinds of exotic places all over the globe. But they sometimes forget that India too has so many beautiful locations to visit. Goa, for example, has a multitude of gorgeous locations, all within driving distance, to check out.  The drives […]

Goa Blooming in all its Glory

If you are a nature lover, bird enthusiast or an ecologist, well pack your bag and lace your shoes to walk into the enchanting natural beauty of the Top Five Bio-Diversity hotspots in Goa. 1. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary Located near the town Vapoli, in the Western Ghats, the Sanctuary is an area of high bio-diversity. […]

Top Bird watching hotspots in Goa

In Goa you never really need an alarm clock. The main reason being is that you are usually awoken by the bakers bicycle horn at just the right time, while the second wakeup call comes courtesy of the village chapel bells. If you still have not risen from your slumber, then the birds whistling in […]