Drawing inspiration from the lotus & cherry blossom, contrasted with mud-finished tiles and some intriguing artifacts on the walls, Tamari does Chinese, Thai & Japanese cuisine (Sushi) in fine style. A Teppanyaki counter makes for an interactive dining experience while two Private Dining Rooms set the stage for an exclusive experience, either for business or with family. A special Tea menu boasts a variety of fine teas like Darjeeling Pearl Tea, Monkey King Tea, Jasmine Tea, Bi Luo Chi tea and Long Jing Tea to name a few. Apart from the popular Pan Asian favourites, Tamari has some innovative options: the food can be ordered as small-plates, stir-fries, sizzlers, big-plates, curries & sauces. Guaranteed to thrill!

’Little lotus’ or ‘soy sauce’…you take your pic. In China or Japan, the word is the same ‘Tamari’ although the meaning might differ. In Chinese it means ‘little lotus’ and in Japanese ‘soy sauce’. Tamari the restaurant at the Vivanta by Taj in Panaji is aptly named as it showcases the flavours of the Orient. Well the chefs have worked on a special menu for you. And it includes a host of preparations – Sushi, Tepanyaki, Chinese, Thai – take your pic. The Sushi Signature Rolls are a great way to start the meal. At the interactive counter chefs roll the four types of offer – the Pink Lily, Sumo Roll, Tuna and Avacado and Salmon and Pickled Ginger. Climb Mount Fuji…not literally, it is the after effect of the order (Sushi rolled with prawns, grilled Unagi & garnished with Tobiko), this is another great way to continue the meal, but if you navigate a little further…you reach China.

The Mandarin Chicken Dimsum, yes from the mainland of China the steamed triangular shaped mildly spiced Chicken Dim Sum. If soup is your fancy, then the restaurant recommends the Crab Meat Soup…an old favourite. Perchance be a little adventurous and try the Miso Soup. There is no so-so about this preparation – its great. For mains from the Teppanyaki counter try the snapper. The USP is the live counter. Let the chefs work their magic with the hot plate which sizzles with your order before it reaches your table. The kitchen does some great stir dries too. Order the Stir Fried Lamb with wood year mushroom and Ginger Pimento Fried Rice. Or perhaps the Yakimeshi – a Chinese Japanese Fried Rice. These preparations are originally Chinese but have become modified over the years to suit Japanese taste too. But for the finale there are great preparations in store – the Tub Tim Grob. Ettiquette apart you will be grobbling…no gobbling away till the last spoonful. Does it matter? Not really…because it is Tamari.