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Tambdi Surla temple and its cool origin story!


Tambdi Surla temple can be called a hidden gem (Literally!). Nested at the foothills of Western Ghats the temple is almost a 1000 years old. Over the years it has become a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. It is difficult to avoid the sound of gushing water from a stream that flows nearby to the temple. The stream is also very popular among the visitors as a place to just sit and relax.

Cool origin story!

The temple was built during the reign of Kadamba dynasty. It is dedicated to Shiva. Jain influences in the architecture disputes the origins of the temple. The temple structure is very similar to the temples found in Aihole. Kadambas were known for constructing many temples across Goa. Unfortunately Tambdi Surla temple is the only surviving relic of that era.

Surviving prosecution

In the 14th century Delhi Sultanate invaded Goa. The Sultan’s army was on an expedition to South India. On their way they laid waste to Goa then under the Kadamba rulers. After that Portuguese rule was established in 1510. They too started a wave of destruction. Many structures pre-dating Portuguese rule were destroyed by the Portuguese regime.

The Tambdi Surla temple survived destruction only because of its remote location. Located inside a dense forest, the temple wasn’t easily accessible. Today the road provides easy access to the site.

Sourcing material


The material  used is grey basalt rock which is not native to Goa. It is said the rocks were brought from the other side of the mountain. In an era when no machinery existed huge blocks of stones were carried over mountains to build the Tambdi Surla temple.

Picnic mania!

Throngs of visitors rush to the site during the monsoon. The temple comes to life during the rainy season. The stream begins to flow again and grass covers the area around the temple. The architecture of the temple is very renowned and is also a major reason for people to visit.

The site is located 65 Kms from Panjim (Capital of Goa). It is easily accessible by road. There are various options to choose from in regards to the modes of transport. One can take the public transport, hire a taxi (motorcycle, rickshaw and car).

Do you have any tips on how one can spend their day at Tambdi surla temple? Do let us know in the comments!