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True to its name, this lounge bar at the Zuri White sands adds a zing with a big dose of Vitamin ‘C’ (cheerfulness). The ambience is warm, relaxing and one to put you in a mellow mood. Tangerine overlooking the pool offers an exotic range of spirits, wines, mocktails and cocktails. The barman behind his island bar, it is the longest island bar in Goa, is busy mixing up drinks. Perch onto the bar stool or sink into the comfortable sofas around the place and sip your Silk Route (lemon grass Bacardi and litchi juice)…chilled and fruity, you would have chosen the right route to make it a night to remember…Order a nachos with salsa…dip the chip into the spicy sauce and savor the crispiness of each bite. However, if you would prefer something more filling then order the Chicken or Prawn Satay. Besides old favorites like the Bloody Mary and the Tom Collins…the Cosmopolitan and Mojito are a great mix.

It is a pity that the bar does not open to watch the sunrise…with the Light My Fire (Gin with sambuca on fire) in hand, the spirits would be raised a few notches. Crispy Chicken is another tit bit that you can order to complement your drinks. The large TV screen plays current matches a great way to jam up with like minded guests as the match plays on. Look out for those signature preparations – Cocktail Tangerine and mocktails si-pang. But for those who would like a night cap before bedtime…the cognac with or without the coffee and cigars will put you in a mellow frame of mind. Remember it is a great place for that extra dose…talking about Vitamin C of course.

0832 2727272
The Zuri White Sands Resort & Casino, Pedda, Varca, Goa.


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