Those were the days my friend…

Remember the Seventies when you would find a Taverna around every corner of the village. People would gather there for a drink and exchange ‘khobor’ of the day. The bottle of feni or dark rum would be the usual tipple before going home at night. Sometimes a group would stagger out with cheerful greetings and a promise to meet again the next day. Sadly, these watering holes have now given way to more sophisticated places. But at the Cidade de Goa, one does find a Taverna, warm and cozy with live music every evening to rock your senses and keep your spirits up. But this is a Taverna with a difference. Besides the classic cocktails like the Twisted Orange, Tender Touch and Fudge Brownie that the barman conjures up, one can have the ever popular Mojito.

Have a nibbling affair with the tidbits on the menu. The Cafreal Chicken Supremes (tender supremes of chicken marinated with traditional Goan spices and grilled) or the Batter Fried Mushroom Peri Peri (button mushroom stuffed with cheese served with peri-peri mayonnaise) will grip your taste buds with the spice. There is the passion evoked with the melody (that is beside the music) of the passion fruit Daiquiri as it moves down your throat. Happy days are here again – the bar has a one-hour “happy hour” to chase away the blue – 50% discount on all beverages between 7 pm – 8 pm. With live music every evening, off the bustling lobby, overlooking the pool, the Taverna brings back memories of the cozy cheer.

0832 2454545
Cidade de Goa, Vainguinim Beach, Dona Paula Goa.


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