Tenants allegedly attacked and robbed landlords in Chandor

Goa is one place in India that not only draws a lot of tourists but even people hoping to make a new life for themselves. That being said, there are a lot of migrants and new settlers looking for homes in the state. But not all can find homes and end up as paying guests or tenants in the homes of people that may have extra rooms to lease out. While this usually works out well, in the case of one elderly couple in Guirdolim, Chandor it was a horrible experience.

Proper identification required when it comes to keeping tenants

As per law, anyone renting out a room in their own home or even an apartment to tenants are required to register these people with the local authorities. If not done, it can often lead to disastrous incidents. Of course, more often than not, people do not adhere to this as it involves a lot of paperwork.

According to the local news, an elderly couple from Chandor was allegedly attacked by two of their former tenants early on Sunday morning. They told the police that they were beaten and robbed of cash, valuables, and electronics. The two miscreants have been caught by the police and have been identified as Anwar Shaikh and Sarfaraz Adam.


Allegedly attacked and robbed by their own tenants

The incident is said to have happened early this past Sunday morning, the 1st of July. The thieves got into the house by removing tiles from the roof. They then proceeded to threaten the couple with a knife and used it to cause them bodily harm. They took money amounting to 50,000 rupees, gold ornaments, and even some electronic gadgets.   

Speaking to a local news channel, 68-year-old Maria Estebeiro said she didn’t recognize either of the men. However, according to South Goa Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas, the accused confirmed having lived there for the last four months. He said, “The main accused has told the police that he had stayed for four months in the rented rooms leased out by the victims in their property adjoining the house. During this period, they carried out a recce of the house and it helped him to enter the house by removing the roof tiles.”

Her husband, Joaquim Estebeiro (75) related the incident from his own flashbacks. “The burglars threatened me and my wife with a knife and took the cupboard keys from us while locking us outside the room.” The thieves soon decamped with their loot. After that, the couple raised an alarm with the neighbors and were taken to Hospicio in Margao.

Arrested Sunday night

The police found and arrested both that very same night. SP Arvind Gawas said that the men were caught in Betim and Porvorim respectively. The items that were stolen have also been recovered and these thieves have been booked under sections 394, 457 and 341 read with 34 of IPC.

The police say that Incidents like these happen very often. Which is why they urge the public to be vigilant and not rent or lease out to people without proper documentation and verification of the same.

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