Real Thai at your table!

An undeceiving, true taste of Thai is what makes up the ‘Thai N Wok’ restaurant. If you want to experience what real Thai is about, then this is just the place you need to be at. One place that scores in all elements, be it the ambience, the service and most importantly, the food! There is no better place to get the best experience. Step into the world of Thailand, as the doors are opened by staff who have splashed beautiful smiles across their faces, smiles that assure you, you are at the right place. The décor that is golden lit’ is very warm and cozy with the gentle music that sweeps you away into their atmosphere. They even have an outdoor seating area that is surrounded in a garden type atmosphere. Right at the corner, you will notice a little art of water. The walls beautifully painted to blend with the light, that gives it the golden light colored atmosphere, with the sculpture of the elephant, which is believed to be Thailand’s national animal as well as beautiful art work hung up against the walls definitely grab your attention. The only thing competing with this awe-inspiring décor is the food.

This restaurant started out its service on 18 July 2014. Being recently constructed, it was built with an intention of, “Let’s give the people a true Thai experience!” by the owner ‘Warren Vaz’. Such a passion that has led him to come up with this restaurant was actually inspired by his wife, ‘Dew Sivapon Vaz’, the backbone to this restaurant. The first thing that this restaurants shouts for, is the very fact that food that reaches your table is food cooked from scratch, with the actual Thai ingredients and of course, right from the heart. Because, it believes, that when you have the actual true dish of Thai, that’s what makes your day special. Yet again, as Warren Vaz says, “Everyday is a special day because of Thai”. As much as the ambience is good enough in itself, it is the service that also adds to it. Their service is ‘Bang on!’ What is even more interesting about this restaurant is that the herbs it uses, is obtained from the owner’s very own herb garden grown at his backyard. One of the main herbs includes parsley, which as emphasized by the owner, is no ordinary parsley. It’s the ‘Thai’ parsley. Still some more herbs grown include chilies and ginger. Dew Sivapon Vaz, brings into life her Thailand experiences to Goa. She is the true chef and the inspiration of this restaurant. It’s more like you eat from her hand!

One of the main dishes most people would look for in a Thai restaurant is the ‘Tom Yum’. Well, this restaurant will not leave you disappointed; in fact, it will leave you begging for more. This ‘Tom Yum’ soup is appealing to the taste buds. The moment you get a spoon of it into your mouth, you will realize you actually taste the whole of Thailand in just that one spoonful. It is soupilicious. If you just take a peek into their menu, you will discover that they actually brief you on what really makes a Thai Meal. Another interesting fact about the Thai way of eating is that the traditional Thailand people normally eat bit by bit which absolutely contradicts the Indian style of eating that is, they eat heavy portions at every meal, which would mean lunch and dinner. Further into their dishes, they have what is called the ‘dip’, wherein, you have probably a meat portion served but along with that you get a type of curry, which is the thing they refer to as ‘dip’. The ‘dip’ which is really a sauté of chilies, garlic, and dried shrimps and fish sauce along with lime juice is what the Thai’s believe to be the actual taste to the whole dish. Another yet fascinating thing about their dish is the way some of them are served with a burner that looks more like a plate. This is meant to keep the dish warm, and can normally do so for about 15 minutes. Very Thai indeed! One of their dishes which really keep you stunned is their omelet styled dish. This dish is basically made up of sautéed chicken or pork, with onions and few other herbs, and stuffed into the omelet. It is one dish you will find yourself keen on trying. Oh, there is so much more this restaurant can give you. Their Satay is no ordinary Satay. It is a Satay made of a different kind of peanut and it is a must try! ‘Som Tum Thai’, their green Papaya dish is yet another unique Thai dish that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Keep your taste buds alive by trying their ‘Gang Khawwan’, also known as ‘Green curry’. A dish meant for the vegetarians. If you prefer a Thailand dish very Indian styled, go for their ‘Gang Masamun Kai’. You will love it, undoubtedly! Dish after dish, one surprise after another. ‘Pad Pak Beung Fai Dang’ made from a vegetable, which in English is called, ‘Morning Glory’ treats your taste buds to real Thai veg meal. So if you arre a pure veggie, here is a recommended dish. You cannot possibly miss out on their world’s famous Thai noodles; ‘Phad Thai’ and you can always drop in for lip-smacking refreshments and drinks. Although this restaurant mainly specializes in Thailand food, they also serve Orientals. So drop in whether you want just a bite, a drink, a normal Indian dish or a real Thailand one. Whichever you prefer, you will get it the best way possible. It is yum yum all the way.

For a perfectly perfect Thailand experience, do not look too far! ‘Thai N Wok’ gives you the real true Thai experience through their food. It makes your day more special. It brings into life the real meaning of tasting Thai and by the end of the day; you’ll be convinced that you’ve never had an experience of Thai as real as that. Oh yes, this restaurant has so much to surprise you with and promises you the best of surprises. So go ahead and treat yourself to a real Thai experience, in the real Thai atmosphere for the best real experience ever!

Timings: 11am to 3pm (lunch)
6pm to 11pm (dinner)

0832 2461980
Melruio Building, Goa Marriots Resort Road Miramar, Panjim Goa – 403001