The Adventures of Suyash: Food, Travel, and Wellness



Suyash Mandurkar, a 32-year-old doctor from Ponda, Goa, is a multifaceted individual whose passions extend far beyond the confines of his medical practice. Known by his social media handle, Suite_succes, Suyash has carved out a niche for himself as an avid traveller, food enthusiast, and fitness advocate. His journey from a dedicated medical professional to a renowned food and travel influencer is a testament to his unyielding spirit and love for exploration. Through his platform, Suyash captures the essence of life’s various experiences, from savouring exotic cuisines to immersing himself in nature’s tranquillity. This article delves deep into his life, passions, and the story behind his influencer journey, providing an in-depth look at how he seamlessly blends his professional responsibilities with his personal passions, inspiring many along the way.

Origins of Suite_succes

The inception of Suite_success, Suyash’s social media handle, finds its origin in his name. coupled with a desire to share his unique experiences with a broader audience. Balancing his demanding career with his personal passions, Suyash sought a platform to document and disseminate his adventures and culinary explorations. The name Suite_succes is a carefully chosen moniker that symbolises a blend of elegance and achievement, reflecting Suyash’s aspiration to enjoy and experience life to its fullest. It encapsulates his belief in living a life that combines luxury with meaningful experiences. For Suyash, every journey and every meal is an opportunity to savour the richness of different cultures and lifestyles. His social media handle serves as a window into his world, inviting followers to join him in exploring offbeat destinations, savouring authentic cuisines, and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Influencer Journey

Suyash’s journey as a food and travel influencer began with a simple yet profound realisation. He embarked on a path of rediscovery, seeking a perfect balance between nurturing his family and pursuing his professional aspirations. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of Steve Jobs, Suyash took a leap of faith and delved into the world of bespoke décor and wedding accessories. However, his enduring love for travel and culinary curiosity soon took centre stage, paving the way for his unique content creation journey. What sets Suyash apart is his ability to seamlessly blend food and travel in his content. His affinity for nature and offbeat destinations drives him to capture the essence of every place he visits. His content not only highlights the scenic beauty of these locations but also delves into the local culinary delights, offering his followers a holistic experience that allows them to immerse themselves in the culture and flavours of different regions. Over the past few years, Suyash has meticulously curated his social media presence, ensuring that his posts resonate with his audience. By sharing his experiences regularly, he has built a loyal following that eagerly awaits his next adventure.

Content Creation

Instagram serves as Suyash’s primary platform for sharing his content, and its visually appealing format allows him to showcase his travel and food adventures in a captivating manner. Through a mix of stunning photographs, engaging stories, and informative posts, Suyash has established a strong presence on this platform. His content style is characterised by authenticity and attention to detail, focusing on slow travel and taking the time to immerse himself in the places he visits. His posts often feature offbeat locations, away from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist spots, highlighting the natural beauty and cultural significance of these places. Within the food and travel space, Suyash has carved out a niche for himself by focusing on authentic cuisines and offbeat destinations. His love for nature and cultural experiences drives him to explore lesser-known places and share their stories with his audience, promoting sustainable travel and encouraging his followers to step out of their comfort zones and discover hidden gems.

Travel Preferences

Suyash has a particular affinity for offbeat places that are close to nature and less crowded. He enjoys visiting locations with historical and cultural significance, as they offer a deeper understanding of the local heritage. Whether it’s a serene beach, a tranquil forest, or a quaint village, Suyash finds joy in exploring places that offer a unique and authentic experience. While he enjoys travelling solo, Suyash also appreciates the company of friends and loved ones. Currently, as a couple traveller with his wife, he cherishes the shared experiences and memories they create together. Suyash believes that travelling with a smaller group allows for a more personal and immersive experience, while larger groups are ideal for activities like trekking and camping. As a Goan, he is deeply connected to his cultural roots and enjoys showcasing the rich heritage of Goa to his followers. He is also intrigued by the diverse cultures and cuisines he encounters during his travels, enriching his own experiences and sharing them with his audience.

Food Experiences

Suyash’s approach to discovering new and unique food experiences is a blend of exploration, research, and local recommendations. He often relies on the insights of locals, word-of-mouth suggestions from friends and fellow influencers, and online resources like Google Maps and Instagram. Once he identifies a potential gem, Suyash personally tries out the food to ensure its authenticity and quality before featuring it on his platform. He follows a meticulous process for selecting restaurants and food vendors to feature, prioritising places that offer authentic cuisine with preparation and taste specific to a particular region. Additionally, he looks for establishments that provide unique or exclusive dishes, giving the highest value for money. Suyash also considers healthier options to ensure that his recommendations are sustainable and enjoyable for his audience. While he hasn’t encountered significant challenges related to dietary restrictions, Suyash acknowledges that finding suitable places that match his taste preferences can be both exciting and challenging. He enjoys the process of trying local foods, as it allows him to fully experience the culture and essence of the places he visits.

Influencer Collaborations

Suyash’s journey as an influencer has led him to collaborate with various brands and tourism boards. He has partnered with small restaurants and cafes, sharing their unique stories and offerings with his audience. These collaborations have been mutually beneficial, allowing Suyash to explore new culinary experiences while helping the brands reach a wider audience. In the travel space, Suyash has been hosted by several brands at offbeat and beautiful locations. These experiences have provided him with unforgettable memories and valuable content to share with his followers. From scenic stays amidst nature to mesmerising cruises in Goa, Suyash’s travel collaborations highlight the diverse and enchanting experiences that different destinations have to offer. When considering potential partnerships, Suyash evaluates the unique value that the brand or destination brings to its customers. He looks for authentic, healthy, and exclusive offerings in the food space, as well as adventurous and offbeat travel experiences that resonate with his personal preferences and those of his followers. By maintaining these criteria, Suyash ensures that his collaborations align with his brand and provide meaningful experiences for his audience.


Suyash Mandurkar’s journey from a dedicated doctor to a renowned food and travel influencer is a testament to his passion, resilience, and commitment to experiencing the essence of life. Through his social media handle, Suite_succes, Suyash shares his adventures, culinary discoveries, and fitness tips with a growing community of followers. His story inspires others to embrace their passions, explore new horizons, and lead a balanced, fulfilling life. By seamlessly integrating his professional life with his personal interests, Suyash has created a unique and inspiring narrative that encourages others to pursue their dreams and find joy in the simple yet profound experiences that life has to offer.