It’s a house by the beach… not really it’s a restaurant at the Goan Heritage which specializes in serving oriental and Goan cuisine, with the sea and sun set view. One can spend hours in this venue losing track of time so make sure those tastebuds are fully satiated. Order the salt n pepper prawn (Crispy batter fried prawns tossed with dry chillies, pepper & spring onion ) as a starter. The vegans delight is the stuffed Mushroom (Fresh mushroom stuffed with spicy sun dried tomatoes, onion & cheese filling). As you nibble on these delicacies go local with the Goan heritage cocktail. The palm and cashew feni combines with lime juice and sugar syrup.The crushed ice tinkles as you draw in big sips…refreshingly different.

You have a choice of the Hunan chicken (cubes of chicken cooked in ginger/garlic flavored with schezwan sauce, mushroom and bamboo shoots) or our very own local vindaloo. Try the pork with steamed rice or perhaps with the local pao. The spiced red vinegar preparation will delight the taste buds. And if the spice gets a little too much fall back on a Mango Martini. Made with cashew feni and mango juice, the combo has a dash of lemon to add to the taste. The place will play on your senses and this traditional preparation will do too. The Goan heritage delight: (pancake rolled with fresh coconut, jaggery , & different nuts, served with honey) or maybe the Mango Mousse in which the Goan mango pulp is preparations makes it a house like no other.


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