A perfect blend of traditional and contemporary style, The Bombay Swadeshi Co-operative Store Co. Ltd. epitomizes Indian panache. It was set up in 1906 by the great Indian patriot, Bal Gangadhar Tilak along with eminent businessman Munmohandas Ramji. The launch of the store set standards for the swadeshi movement through an elegant, classy retail outlet.

In 1991, The Bombay Swadeshi Store had a new management when the Dalal family took over. As the store now caters to an audience with a contemporary mindset, the brand was therefore rechristened in December 1995 as The Bombay Store. The store located in the heart of India’s commercial capital, has evolved into a successful chain of 16 stores across India. With its focus on Indian culture, it celebrates true rich and varied culture through the different products & material in the Stores which captures the essence of Indian style. The combinations range from contemporary leather goods to exotic candles to herbal agarbattis to home decor& apparels etc.