The Cube Gallery Plays Host To SHE, An All-Woman Art Show

The art season in Goa is off to a great start with ‘SHE’, an all-woman group show curated by art consultant Samira Sheth. The art show opens this Thursday at The Cube Gallery in Moira.

The Cube Gallery

Defying easy comparisons, The Cube Gallery was designed and built by Sonny Singh, an architect, and an artist of international reputation. It serves as an exhibition hall, workshop, soundboard, and creative nerve center for a growing community of artists, both new and mid-career. It has managed to find the intersecting points between secular and sacred traditions.  The gallery draws upon forces as divergent as theatre, sculpture, music, and design, and distills them into breathtaking works of art.

The Cube not only showcases finished works of artists but also provides a nurturing environment for those who want to bring something new to their fields but lack the means to do so.  They are encouraged to test new theories, to learn new techniques, or fine-tune old ones. In fact, this approach is fundamental to the Cube’s core philosophy: that art should give form to new ideas, rather than simply reaffirm existing ones. (Source – Planet Goa Online)

The Cube Gallery in Moira
Pic credit – The Cube Gallery’s FB page

SHE: An All-Woman Art Show

Curator Samira Sheth is bringing eight Goa-based women artists together to both explore and embrace the complexities of being a woman. The powerful show features artworks ranging from watercolor to charcoal to embroidery, clay, and installation.

“Each artist has a distinct idiom and voice of her own articulated in SHE” says the curator, Samira Sheth.  According to her, it is a wonderful way of ‘looking at women in art by women’ and considering the female gaze rather than the typical patriarchal male gaze which objectifies and commodifies women. This show is a significant marker of what some of the most interesting women artists in Goa are working on and how they see and represent the feminine in art.”

The idea behind the show is to challenge stereotypes. Sonny Singh, founder of The Cube says SHE’ also challenges the current culture of demonizing men and moves away from biases based on gender, whether they be towards men or women.

The show showcases the works of Soumitrimayee Paital, Shilpa Nasnolkar, Liesl Cotta De Souza, Katharina Kakar, Verodina D Souza, Kausalya Gadekar, Fernanda de Melo and Chaitali Morajkar.

You can learn more about the event on their Facebook page. It’s actually by invitation only so if you have true appreciation for art, perhaps contacting them could help in getting an invite to this exclusive event.

Check out Business Goa‘s article for more information as well.

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