The e’X’ Factor Presented by St. Xaviers College, Mapusa

Who said going back to college wasn't fun?

St. Xaviers College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mapusa brings to you an exciting event on 14th October 2017. The alumni are organizing an event called The e’X’ Factor to showcase the talents of ex-Xavierites. So come one, come all and watch the fun!

St. Xaviers College, Mapusa

Before we talk about the event, let’s find out a little bit about the college. St. Xavier’s College is well known all over Goa. It is one of the oldest and largest colleges in Goa and was founded sometime in 1963.  The campus covers 22 acres (89,000 m2) on the heights of what is called Xaviernagar. It looks down on Mapusa city and has a panoramic view of the surrounding villages. There are two basketball courts, one football ground, a running track, and an indoor gymnasium. This is in addition to all the buildings housing the classrooms and the library.

The college offers a bunch of courses at the graduate and post-graduate levels. Every year they add on more courses to offer students. To know more about these courses you can check out the St. Xaviers College website.


St. Xaviers College, Mapusa not only has so much to offer in terms of education but it’s a fun place to be at.  Of course, being stuck at the top of the hill means you can’t really go anywhere else. Unless you have a bike or a car and patience to leave the campus. The food court and the underground canteen are the most fun places on campus. As an ex-student of the college, I have spent time in both and had a blast! The library was another favorite place of mine. Something about all those books, I guess.

The St. Xaviers College, Mapusa campus Pic credit –

The e’X’ Factor 2017

St. Xaviers Alumni Association is organizing an event at the college campus on 14th October 2017 to showcase the talents of ex-Xavierites.

The e’X’ Factor is a platform for ex-Xavierites to come back to express their talents & to relive memorable moments spent at St. Xavier’s.

There’s also going to be exciting games, lip-smacking food counters, stalls and a  photo booth for that extra entertainment.

So let’s go back to our Alma Mater and have a great time watching those brave souls that are getting up on that stage. Let’s show St. Xaviers College, Mapusa a lot of love, people!

The e’X’ Factor event at St. Xaviers College, Mapusa Pic credit – St. Xaviers College, Mapusa’s FB page


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