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The flavourful world of Goan Mango recipes

Mango recipes

Come let’s take a look at the delightful world of the Goan mango recipes. As summer arrives in Goa, it gets more hotter. On the other hand it brings along some juicy, pulpy and delicious mangoes. From a tangy Goan mango curry to spicy mango pickle and a delightful sweet mango jam to more. The Goans enjoy this tropical fruit in many mouthwatering ways. So as we go forward come join us as we explore these five delicious mango recipes that showcase the rich flavours and cuisine of Goa. If you’re craving a spicy tangy kick or maybe a sweet treat for your breakfast, these recipes will excite your taste buds. 

Amlechi Uddamethi

Amlechi Uddamethi

Amlechi Uddamethi is a flavourful Goan curry made from raw mangoes. This curry is made using coconut as one of its ingredients, which makes the curry creamy and flavourful. The name of the dish itself tells you what’s inside the curry: amli means raw mangoes, Udda is basically the urad dal and methi is fenugreek seeds. This recipe comes from the Goan GSB (Gowda Saraswat Brahmin) community. It combines exotic flavours like it gets the sourness from the raw mangoes, the tanginess from the tamarind, the sweetness from the jaggery, and some bitterness from the fenugreek seeds. Combined these flavours create a burst of joy in your taste buds. 

Ambeche Saasav

Ambeche Sasaav

Ambeche saasav is a yellow dish that brings happiness to your heart. The name ambo means mango and saasav means mustard. The mango stands as a main ingredient and the saasav just gives a special flavour to it. This dish is prepared by using a special type of mango called Ghonta, which is apparently smaller and not as smooth as the other mangoes. This dish basically has two versions, a cooked version and an uncooked version. The uncooked version doesn’t last long. It is best enjoyed cold, straight out from the fridge.

Bhariliyo Amlyo

Bhariliyo ambo- stuffed mango pickle recipe-Goan Mango recipes

Bhariliyo Amlyo is a spicy stuffed mango pickle that gives a kick to every Goan meal. Over here as we say the word pickle we cannot forget the main ingredient, which is raw mango. The natural sourness of the mango gives a zest for this recipe. A very special type of mango, called  miskut, is used for making this pickle. To make this pickle you first have to cut the mango lengthwise, then deseed the mango, and coat it with some salt.

Then you have to stuff it with a spicy mixture made of Chilli powder, turmeric, crushed fenugreek seeds and mustard seeds. The sesame oil is the main ingredient in this recipe which compliments the pickle very well. After that, you can store the pickle in a jar and have it after a day or two, or you can even store it for months.

God Lonche (sweet mango pickle)

Sweet mango pickle- God Lonche- Goan Mango recipes

The God lonche is a sweet treat that is hard to classify whether it is a pickle or a Jam.  This pickle is made with raw mangoes and jaggery, which gives it a sweet and tangy taste. You can have it best with chapati and rice.


Mangaad- Mango Jam of Goa-Goan Mango recipes

Mangaad is a Goan mango jam and is therefore mostly found in every Christian household in Goa. This jam is loved by every Goan and is commonly eaten for breakfast with bread (pao). The Mangaad is made using musarad mango. The jam is very sweet and delicious. To Make Mangaad you have first remove the pulp from the mango and grind it and make it into a puree. Furthermore add sugar and lime juice to the puree, Mix everything together well and cook it on a medium flame.

However you have to keep stirring to avoid it from sticking to the bottom of the pan or to avoid burns. It takes about 50-60 minutes for the jam to get its correct consistency. Once it is done leave it to cool down and then transfer it to an airtight container and refrigerate it. You can have it with chapati or bread for breakfast or you can also use it as an ice cream topping or add it to your milkshake.