The Ghost in the White Saree: A Night in a Goa College


This spooky story comes from a college student in Goa. One night, while studying late for exams, he experienced something very strange.

It was around 1 AM in the study hall. The student, 20 years old, was feeling tired. He looked out of the window to take a break. To his surprise, he saw a lady in the distance. She was wearing a white saree, about 5 feet tall, with long black hair that she was combing with her fingers. The eerie part was that she wasn’t standing on the ground. She was on top of a house, clearly visible under the light from a streetlamp. He blinked, thinking his eyes were playing tricks on him, but she was still there. Nervously, he showed his friend. His friend saw her too. They both stared at the mysterious figure until she slowly faded away.

The next day, after their exams, they decided to check out the place where they saw the lady. To their shock, there was no house there. The streetlamp was there, but the bulb was broken and covered in spider webs. There was no sign of the lady or the house. This strange encounter left them scared and puzzled. Who was the lady in the white saree? Why was there no house where they saw her? They realized they had seen something supernatural.

This story reminds us that some places have mysteries we can’t explain. It makes you think twice about looking out into the night, wondering if you might see something ghostly. In Goa, a land of beauty and fun, there are also eerie secrets that can give you chills.