Goa is viewed as a foreign land due to its distinct culture by other states in India. Being born in Goa your considered royalty or extremely lucky by the ‘Non-Goans’. This is highly because we Goans hail from a land who’s beauty so precious and adored so much that the status given stays to be true.

It’s a cliche that Goans are asked or told about how beautiful their land is and how they can make better use of it. many Goans face these questions regularly.

‘Susegad’, the word means ‘quiet’bis being interpreted in a wrong way. Goans are termed as susegad people which is understood by many as being ‘lazy people’. Not true at all, Goans on the contrary are hard working and a determined type of crowd. Working tirelessly to see that their day to day tasks are completed.


When Indian tourist visit the beach they find it incredible, sometimes there are cases where they go completely bonkers! It is understood that they come from landlocked states and possibly haven’t been to a beach. But this reaction shown to a Goan and they will probably finish off with a ‘Sigh’.

Don’t get it wrong but tourists are always welcomed, come to Goa have a good stay, bountiful to eat and a splendid way to rejuvenate. Tourism is one of the main economic sectors in Goa, that being said, our state accommodates lakhs of them year in and year out. Pretty amazing for a small state to compete with the rest of the top destinations in the world.

Goans are generous, warm hearted and they have excellent talking skills! A Goan will never back down to meet someone new or have a conversation with a stranger. You can see it almost everyday on the streets, markets always ready for a ‘chit-chat’. Ask them how you get to a place or just start a conversation, a goan will oblige. The meet and greet goes on which is helpful for tourists and serves as a good PR (public relation) for Goan tourism!

Siestas, short afternoon naps that cranks up the energy for the rest of the day. Taken very seriously by the Goans. They need to have their afternoon naps, from the adults to even some youngsters. In preparation for evening revelries.

Goan people are truly amazing, their unique from the rest. Being around them and spending time in their beloved land is like an honour, being a goan is an even greater honour and privilege.


written by Genevieve Fernandes

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