The International Research Conference on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management (IRCSTEM), Goa 2023


The International Research Conference on Science Technology, Engineering, and Management (IRCSTEM) is an annual event which will be held in Goa this year from the 24th to the 25th of March. The main focus of this event is to promote the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and management. The event aims to attract a lot of researchers, industry professionals, and academicians to exchange ideas, discuss research findings, and network with others. 

The conference will see many keynote speakers doing presentations and poster sessions on a wide range of topics related to science, management, engineering, and technology. The speakers will emphasize the need for research collaborations among countries and why it is important to invest in science and technology so that the world is prepared for innovation in the future. They will also discuss the role of technology in transforming education, highlighting the need for universities to adopt innovative teaching methods and technologies to enhance the learning experience of students. STEM fields, including artificial intelligence, sustainable development, and entrepreneurship are some of the topics that will be covered in panel discussions at the conference. These discussions will serve as a very valuable forum for attendees to ask questions, gain insights, and share their perspectives on how these fields are likely to evolve in the future.  

Paper presentations and poster sessions will also be featured at this conference, where different researchers from different backgrounds will do presentations on topics such as renewable energy, biotechnology, data analytics, and management. Attendees of these sessions will be allowed to engage with presenters, ask questions, and discuss potential collaborations. 

In addition to these formal sessions, the conference will provide participants with ample opportunities for networking and building relationships with other participants. These networking opportunities will be particularly valuable for attendees who are looking to establish new connections and partnerships, or seeking new opportunities to collaborate with other researchers and industry professionals. 

The IRCSTEM conference will underscore the importance of investing in STEM education and research both, in India as well as globally, and will highlight the need for sustainable development. It will also showcase India’s strengths in STEM research and education, and provide a platform for Indian researchers and industry professionals to connect with their counterparts from other countries and showcase their work to a global audience.