The Journey of Susegad Realty in Goa


Embracing Goa: A Journey Rooted in Passion

Founded by Utsav Mehrotra, Susegad Realty is a trusted real estate firm located in Goa, specialising in residential and commercial properties. Born in Darjeeling and primarily raised in Assam and the Dooars region of Northeast India, Utsav’s affinity for serene environments and natural beauty was cultivated amidst the verdant hills.

Utsav is a graduate in BSC in Hospitality and Post Graduate in Sales & Marketing known for his steadfast dedication and remarkable work in corporate sales and marketing. He worked with Hospitality Sales with various renowned international hotel chains throughout the country in Mumbai, Delhi & Goa. Almost eight years ago, he made a bold transition from the corporate world to pursue his dreams in the Susegad setting of Goa. 

Starting with Susegad Villas, a vacation rental service, Utsav navigated the challenging yet surprisingly profitable landscape of Goan real estate. Despite hurdles like demonetization and GST, he persevered, gaining deep insights into the intricacies of the real estate market. He built strong relationships with builders, property owners, and realtors, mastering the nuances of the industry and gradually capitalising on investment and property sales opportunities.

Amidst the chaos of COVID-19 he shifted focus from vacation rentals to full time real estate sales, he pivoted and rebranded as Susegad Realty, a comprehensive real estate firm offering diverse realty solutions. During this period, he registered with the Goa Association of Realtors (GAR). Joining GAR has been incredibly valuable, offering crucial industry insights, legal guidance and connections with fellow realtors, builders and prospective buyers. He highly recommends that serious realtors join GAR to take advantage of these benefits. 

Partnering with his wife Geetanjali, a brand and marketing specialist with over 14 years of rich experience, Ustav began a transformative journey in Goa’s real estate sector. Geetanjali’s expertise advertising, marketing, and communication, honed through her work with top ad agencies and multinational companies across India, has been instrumental in their success.Together, they established Susegad Realty not just as a business venture, but as a platform to offer discerning clients exceptional residential and investment opportunities in this tropical paradise. Their mutual goal was to integrate entrepreneurial spirit with a dedication to excellence, driven by a deep appreciation for Goa’s tranquil allure.

Pioneering Goa’s Real Estate Landscape

With nearly a decade of experience and a keen understanding of Goa’s evolving real estate dynamics, Utsav and Geetanjali have witnessed firsthand the region’s transformation into a prime investment destination. Transitioning from a high-pressure corporate career, their journey began with Susegad Villas, a vacation rental service that laid the foundation for Susegad Realty. This initial foray introduced them to the unorganised yet lucrative Goan real estate market.

Today, Susegad Realty specialises in residential real estate in North Goa, offering a diverse portfolio that includes apartments, villas, luxury properties, and plots. Navigating the challenges of the real estate market has been an exhilarating adventure, and their focus remains on delivering exceptional properties to their clients.

Market Insights: Goa’s Real Estate Dynamics Unveiled

Susegad Realty

Goa’s real estate market is underpinned by its breathtaking natural beauty, expanding infrastructure, and a robust tourism sector. Strategic developments such as the Mumbai-Goa Highway NH66, the Atal Setu Bridge and the new Zuari bridge have significantly enhanced connectivity, while the presence of dual airports at Dabolim and Mopa has bolstered accessibility for both domestic and international travellers. The tourism sector, contributing a substantial 17% to Goa’s GDP annually, underscores the region’s economic resilience and attractiveness for property investments. The demand for residential properties, particularly in north Goa, remains robust, driven by the region’s allure as a holiday destination and a burgeoning market for second homes. 

Emerging Trends: Shaping Goa’s Real Estate Future

Several transformative trends are reshaping Goa’s real estate landscape. There is a growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly developments, reflecting a broader global shift towards environmental responsibility. Additionally, there is a rising preference for luxury and boutique properties, driven by affluent domestic buyers and international investors seeking exclusive retreats in Goa’s serene settings. The proliferation of vacation rentals facilitated by platforms like Airbnb presents lucrative opportunities for property owners, transforming Goa into a year-round destination.

Moreover, Goa’s strategic location is catalysing growth in warehousing and industrial spaces, promising new avenues for economic diversification beyond tourism and hospitality. These trends indicate a vibrant and multifaceted real estate market that is evolving to meet diverse investor and homeowner needs.

Prime Locations: Hotspots for Investment in Goa

Goa boasts a diverse range of property hotspots, each with its unique appeal and investment potential. From the buzzing environs of Porvorim and Saligao to the historical charm of Aldona and Moira, these locations cater to varied market segments. Emerging residential hubs like Kadamba Plateau are gaining prominence due to their proximity to business centres, educational institutions, and modern amenities, promising both a high quality of life and substantial property value appreciation over time.

Additionally, perennially in-demand locations include Assagao, known as the ‘Beverly Hills of Goa’ for its luxury living amidst natural beauty; Vagator and Anjuna, favoured for their vibrant lifestyle, beach access, trendy cafes, and Instagram-friendly restaurants; and Siolim, prized for its serene environment and proximity to popular beaches, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking tranquillity with convenience.

Clientele and Marketing Mastery

At Susegad Realty, the clientele spans a wide spectrum, from second-home buyers and savvy investors to commercial entities seeking strategic properties in Goa. Susegad Realty’s success is underpinned by robust marketing strategies that leverage digital platforms, engaging content marketing, targeted advertising campaigns, and positive word of mouth from happy clients.By maintaining a good online presence and forging strategic partnerships with the Goa Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors, Susegad Realty continues to amplify its market popularity in Goa’s competitive real estate arena.

Operational Excellence: Streamlining Transactions with Technology

Operational efficiency is paramount at Susegad Realty, where transparent processes and advanced technologies like CRM systems enhance client satisfaction and streamline transactions. These systems improve client interactions, track leads, and streamline communication, ensuring faster response times, intuitive automation, and efficient data management with a centralised database. They help long-term client relationships through easier correspondence and provide immediate process evaluation, significantly boosting client satisfaction and efficiency.

These tools ensure seamless experiences throughout the buying, selling, or renting process, contributing to a positive client journey. Moreover, stringent adherence to real estate regulations and proactive legal counsel uphold ethical standards, fostering trust and credibility among clients. This commitment to transparency and compliance underscores every transaction at Susegad Realty, reinforcing their reputation as a reliable partner in Goa’s real estate sector.

Navigating Challenges, Seizing Opportunities

In navigating market challenges such as fluctuations and regulatory changes, Utsav employs adaptive strategies rooted in diversification, client relationships, and technological innovations. By diversifying his portfolio and nurturing client relationships, he remains agile in seizing emerging opportunities in Goa’s dynamic real estate landscape. Embracing technological advancements and industry best practices allows them to stay ahead of industry shifts and deliver value-added solutions to their clients.

Networking for Success: Building Bridges in the Industry

Susegad Realty

Collaboration is vital to Susegad Realty’s success. They actively participate in industry events, collaborate with realtor associations, and form strategic partnerships with legal experts, architects, and interior designers. Additionally, they engage with social media influencers, seeking guidance through following, networking, conversations, and discussions. 

As part of Geetanjali’s key responsibilities, she manages the Susegad Realty website and oversees inventory and property management. She is also responsible for social media management, creating and posting new listings, market updates, realty tips, and news about Goa on platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram. This online presence generates a significant number of leads, attracting prospective buyers and investors.

All these efforts contribute significantly to their success further enhancing their competitive edge in Goa’s real estate market.

Vision for the Future: Growth and Expansion

Susegad Realty is committed to consolidating its position in Goa’s real estate sector. Their focus remains on selling and marketing premium residential properties, vacation homes, and exploring emerging markets within the region. While currently they are a team of two, their future plans include attracting skilled professionals as they expand their operations. They enthusiastically welcome college volunteers and interns eager to delve into the realms of sales and marketing within the real estate sector. Their goal is to offer good career development opportunities in a nurturing work environment that harmoniously balances Goa’s unique lifestyle and scenic beauty with professional growth. As a small yet dynamic firm, they prioritise fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. Maintaining a harmonious environment is paramount, especially since their firm is a partnership between spouses—a recipe that blends good teamwork with a touch of humour.

Client Satisfaction: A Commitment to Excellence

At Susegad Realty, client satisfaction is paramount. Robust feedback mechanisms, personalised service, and transparent communication channels ensure that every client receives a superior real estate experience tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. By maintaining a client-centric approach and upholding ethical standards, Susegad Realty builds enduring relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Building Trust: A Cornerstone of Susegad Realty

Susegad Realty is known in Goa’s real estate sector for its steadfast adherence to ethical standards and operational excellence. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service not only enhances client trust but also consolidates their reputation as industry pioneers. By emphasising transparency, integrity, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Susegad Realty sets benchmarks for others in the field. Their efforts in shaping Goa’s real estate future is underscored by a proactive approach to maintaining high standards and fostering enduring client relationships.


In conclusion, the dynamic real estate market of Goa presents a wealth of realty, skillfully navigated by founder Utsav Mehrotra. His entrepreneurial journey not only mirrors the vibrant essence of Goa but also underscores its enduring appeal as a premier investment destination. Through Susegad Realty, they exemplify a steadfast dedication to innovation, ethical integrity, and client-centred approaches, setting new benchmarks in the sector.With each property they market and sell, they contribute to shaping Goa’s evolving real estate landscape, promising a future where quality living meets sustainable growth in this tropical paradise.