Reynold Abranchesand Nisha Karla Vaz has conceptualized a place – The Love Shack in Mandrem. The shack has a location unlike any other. Situated inside River Resorts in Mandrem, this stylish shack on the beach transforms into a cocktail grill at night. And if you’re a day person, they recommend sipping on a glass of Sangrai Barcelona and watching the pretty kayaks as they whiz past. It’s kind of lovely they say…a place that love built. It was the crazy love for food that makes not one but two of Goa’s restauranteurs travel to the North of Goa to run a restaurant where they’re guilty of playing pit master at the Barbeque or chilling on the sunbeds, all at the same time. The cocktails…you are advised to try pairing food with cocktails for a change. Soak in the beautiful sunset with the Mandarin Mojito and their house special – Kromeskies.

The hints of raw mango, Chianta and mint in the mojito beautifully offsets the bacon and black forest ham wrapped prawns. Next the Really Bloody Mary with Chilli Vodka and a Celery Salt and Balsamic float has one reaching for the sweet flavour of the the Cote de Porc Charcuterie that is served with Pommes Puree. Another recommendation is the twisted Bakalva in part filo and part roll pastry. This goeey Turkish delight sits prettily on the menu alongside a dacadent Chocolate Fonadant with Crème Anglaise. The fondant is foeey, and the anglaise is rich but not too sweet and is flavoured with a generous splash of Grand Marnier. From beginning to end…its…love all the way.