It’s new… and just like a new heart transplanted its pulse is strong and vibrant’ It’s cool, it’s classy… a place to relax over lunch or fine dine at night. The lighting emits a keep-those-chopsticks-ready feel as the big water goblets placed on the table dare you to participate in the spices that leaves your palate throbbing for more. Yes the ambience starts the experience, Before you look at the menu take some time off to try the Barman’s mixes. He is good! The Blue Hawaii (rum and Blue Curacao) can take you on a short trip to Hawaii and back, or for the mock drinkers- if you are tired of having a coke try the Pulse Magic Portion. The coke is mixed with lemon wedges, mint and black salt. A great muddled mocktail. But keep those senses clear. You are about to embark on a long voyage.

The Gin Chicken is is crispy on the outside soft and tempting inside. The Five Spice Spare Ribs is great for those who are not fond of the spice factor. A sweet beginning! The batter fried Chow Chu Prawns are a great choice for those who preferred the golden fried variety.Here however, the outer covering is crunchier to the taste. Many more fav’s listed-Mongolian Chicken, wantons, Satay Chicken…. The choices are humongous; you will never be starved for choice. For the mains… The Chathai Har (prawns Chinese style), the Sweet and Sour Pork, Korean noodles and the Bamboo Rice with Chicken and Chinese mushrooms Sweet and Sour Pork…Not red at all, the browned pork was succulent and spiced just right. The Chat Hai…fried prawns topped with a chilli garlic wine sauce…great presentation…great taste. The Bamboo rice comes on a bamboo styled pot…a meal by itself…superb! The Korean noodles again a meal by itself.

Desserts with fresh fruit sticky rice and the old time date pancakes and honeyed noodles are worth trying. The ambience is great, the choice for you greater still. This pulse should be beating strong for a long time for it has a heartbeat of its own.


0832 6459999
Salida del Sol, Above Café Mojo. A/6 MG Road. Panaji, Goa

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