The Shop, a sustainable design house, introduces sustainable aesthetic living to Goa


~ The Shop recently opened its newest store in Panaji, Goa.

~ The Shop has a zero-waste approach, using fabric scraps and wastepaper for packaging and as shopping bags.

~ The company’s 50-year commitment to sustainability in its manufacturing and packaging processes is a boon for the state’s prevalent eco-conscious ethos.

Panaji, December 2023 – The newest addition to Goa’s growing list of sustainability champions, The Shop is a chic design house that offers a wide range of sustainable and handmade apparel for men, women and children and home decor items.

With a journey of crafting exquisite handmade textiles spanning over 50 years, The Shop’s commitment to traditional, eco-friendly methods forms the essence of its work ethos.

The Shop is preparing to introduce Goa to sustainable yet aesthetic living at its first store in Goa at Panaji’s MG Road, Patto.

Aishwarya Kumar, Director, The Shop (left) with Shachi Gupta, Retail Head, The Shop
at the inauguration of its new outlet in Panaji.
Aishwarya Kumar (right) speaking with a guest during the inauguration of The Shop
in Panaji.

The processes of intricate dyeing, printing, embroidering and quilting contemporary textiles using ecologically sustainable production techniques are championed by The Shop, whose textile inventory comprises traditional Indian designs blended with global inspiration from traditional Japanese and English cultures, resulting in a unique Indo-Western-Oriental fusion.

Traditional craftsmanship techniques like silk screen printing, hand tie and dye, and intricate hand embroidery are at the core of The Shop’s offerings, evident in every handcrafted item. Beyond apparel, their collection encompasses an array of home decor items, from tablecloths to quilts and wooden and brass home accents.

Taking inspiration from global traditions, The Shop focuses on the cross-pollination of cultures. The design team has innovatively merged English floral patterns into the environmentally friendly Indian printing process of ajrakh using organic vegetable dyes.

Visitors exploring the newly unveiled outlet of The Shop in Panaji.

With its shelves displaying sustainable kitchenware, handmade textiles and lighting embellished with scrap fabric, showcasing their dedication to sustainability, the architectural aesthetic of the boutique ensures that customers embark on an immersive experience and the array of carefully curated artisanal products reflects the boutique’s eco-conscious practices.

The Shop’s sustainable ‘YOU CARE’ collection utilises scrap fabric for their product range and also comprises soft toys for children.

Shelves at The Shop’s Panaji outlet displaying sustainable kitchenware, handmade
textiles, and various other products

Kabir Singh, Director and Head of The Shop, is eager to introduce the vibrant and eco-conscious products of The Shop to Goa. “We are truly honoured to have the lively MG Road-Patto in Panaji be the location of The Shop’s new address in Goa. Drawing inspiration from Goa’s strong commitment to eco-conscious practices, we aspire to contribute further to this wonderful ethos.”

Singh also states that Goa holds immense promise as a market. “Our commitment lies in providing sustainable, durable and affordable luxury products to our customers. Keeping our 50-year dedication to eco-friendly practices at the forefront, The Shop embodies a blend of sustainable Indian and global fashion trends, a humble reflection of our values in a space designed for mindful and conscious living.”

Aishwarya Kumar (third from the left) pictured alongside members of the renowned band, Roz Angon, who performed live during the inauguration of The Shop in Panaji.