The best live music entertainment is a stone’s throw away


The perfect combination of live music and good food are always hard to find. Finding the lost treasure of King Solomon is probably easier – but we can get close. If you’re looking for a great night out featuring some of Goa’s premiere live musicians, and great food to boot, then the Ston House in Candolim is probably the perfect venue

Rock solid entertainment

Started way back in 1989 by Blues enthusiast Christopher D’Souza, Stone House was so called because of its beautiful laterite stone structure. Blended with beautiful wood paneled details and furniture, the combination of stone and wood makes for an amazing aesthetic. Drawing your attention immediately as you walk into the restaurant is the fact that music really is a key focus here. Perched above the bar is what appears to be an ordinary balcony which, in the evening, is transformed into the stage for live musicians. Almost every night, you can catch live bands playing a selection of Blues, Jazz, and good ol’ Rock n Roll.  Since the balcony stage is narrow, all the performers stand side-by-side, giving the patrons below a view of everyone in the band – no more hidden drummers!

Comfort food for all

The food at Stone House truly is an experience. The multi-cuisine menu delights with something for everyone. A couple of great ways start the night is with the Guacamole or Tzatziki with Papadoms. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even go for the Grilled Mushrooms wrapped in Bacon on a skewer, served with Jacket Potatoes. For mains, you can indulge in your choice of seafood or meats. Go-to dishes include the Tiger Prawns in Lemon Basil Sauce, and the very popular the Whiskey Steak.

Remember that stage we talked about earlier? Well right below it is the bar, so if you’re looking to just get out and enjoy a drink with a buddy or two, the bar serves up all your favorite straight, or in a cocktail. The bartenders at Stone House are great, and there’s really no request they can’t handle.

The perfect night out

There really are tons of places to check out on Candolim’s bustling main street, but few draw the kind of crowd that Stone House does. Is it the amazing live music, the dizzying variety of fast favorites on the menu, or three decades of superb hospitality? Well, you’ll probably have to find out for yourselves. Rates are rather reasonable, averaging Rs. 1500 per couple, though the place does get busy on most night, especially when there’s live music. To call ahead with a reservation, dial 083222479909.