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Things you will hear most Goan moms say every day

Festak voita re?

We rarely take the time to listen to what most Goan moms say every day. We tend to take it lightly but it actually sounds funny and is a blessing at times. Every day is an adventure with exciting new memories to be created.

But they often seem to be repeating the same things on a daily basis. You will definitely find your moms saying these things almost every day! Let us see what they say…

Festak voita re\gho?


This is when girls wear a little bit of lipstick with a cute outfit and/or boys spike up their hair and wear a lot of deodorant. *Also clean clothes*
They have a problem with anything you wear. Literally ANYTHING! Sometimes it’s for your own good so you should take a second to think about it. If you do not listen, moms have their own passive-aggressive technique asking you to change whatever you’re wearing. EVEN IF YOU’RE GETTING SUPER LATE!

You think money grows on trees?

With some proper gardening and a bit of sunshine, the roots of your money plant sink deep into the mud and stay firm. They eventually become money producing trees. Ever heard of it? *smirk* This is what you’re going to hear every time you ask for some extra cash from your mommy. Cute isn’t it?

All you do is roam the whole day and night!

When you have been out twice in a day… for over 2 hours. And they say, “I hope you know that you’re living under my roof. You do as I say.” There’s no arguing after that…

Where were you? Come let me smell it off you!

Moms have a sharp nose toward something fishy. They do better than detectives in finding out what exactly you are up to. Even if you are clean, they will still ask just to make sure! Smelling things off you is just one part of their investigation.

If s/he jumps in a well would you? NO! Then?

Mom, you could simply say ‘no’ but you had to because we can’t understand simple language. By now, we must have realized the obvious replies our mothers will respond with… Instead of giving a reason for not giving permission, she will just state the obvious.

Because I said so!!! Stop arguing!

“Mothers are never wrong” but when they know they are and can’t give a valid reason we have to obey to the “Because I said so!!!” ♥ Because that says it all…

Do whatever you want to but don’t come back crying.

You want permission to do something and your mom does not agree with the idea. You try your best to convince her and are adamant about it. Your mom is so fed up that she gives up and asks you to do whatever you want to but with several warnings! They definitely love you so much that when you do mess up they say, “I TOLD YOU SO.”

Mothers can be a delight and so can the tedious task of handling delightful children. We love and respect every person out there especially mothers for doing such a great job with raising their children in this world.

What are some other expressions you’ve heard your mom say or if you are a mom yourself which ones do you use? Send in an email or just comment below!

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