Three places in Goa that mature during the monsoon


Arrival of monsoon brings about a complete change in Goa’s topography. If trekking and exploring is your passion than Goa is certainly worth your time. During the monsoon there is low footfall of tourist to the state, which makes the stay here cheaper than any other time of the year. Be it an adventurous trek to a waterfall or a lazy day at a lake. Goa has a lot to offer even during the monsoon.

These natural wonders will enthrall your eyes and mind

If you’re a nature lover than these spots will make you fall in love with Goa. The sites come to life only during the rainy season and cannot be enjoyed during the rest of the year.

1) Three Kings Church

One of the most visually appealing destinations in Goa. It is well connected by road. The journey is only 25 kms long from Panjim, Goa’s Capital. The Church is settled on top of a hill. From there one can witness the Arabian Ocean. Below the hill lie paddy fields and dense coconut palm plantations. Here land meets the ocean.

One can keep staring into the horizon and never get tired. Ships appear very miniscule in the distance and disappear with time. On the other side of the hill lies Goa’s landscape. Lush green due to the rains, it makes a good vantage point. The church’s courtyard has benches for the visitors to rest. A huge Banyan tree provides shade to the weary travelers.

The scene is very poetic and a favorite among youth of Goa. One can spend a evening there without the trace of the time.

2) Dudhsagar waterfall

The waterfall attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year but only during the monsoons can one see the full ferocity of this natural marvel. It is named so due to the appearance of the water being white, which makes the name very appropriate, ‘Duhdsagar’ meaning ocean of milk. A favorite among film-makers due to its beauty.

During the rainy season one has three options to get there:

  • Train – Trains can be boarded from Collem railway station in Goa. These trains have tentative timings which makes it important to get all the information in advanced to avoid any setbacks.
  • Trek – For those who love adventure, they can take this route. However, it is advised not to trek through the jungle during the rainy season due to the prevailing leeches. This makes the trip very dangerous. One can surely follow the railway trek to get to the waterfall. It is a safer and a convenient option as well.
  • Hire a jeep or a motorcycle – This mode takes one through the dense jungle.  A jeep can be hired or one can even choose to hire a motorcycle. The jeep is driven by an experienced driver and the motorcycle comes with an experienced rider. They take you to the waterfall and back safely.

A canteen is operated at the railway platform beside the waterfall. Do not expect anything fancy there except the bare necessities. Monkeys make for good company. It is advisable to get back before nightfall unless one is prepared with a tent to pitch on the platform. There is no transportation available during the night.

3) Sweet-water Lake trek

The site is located on the Arambol beach. One has to take a long walk on the beach to get there. It is a  unique location where water from a spring meets the ocean. The spring originates in a hill that is flaked by other hills on its sides and the front stares into the ocean.

The site provides a light trek. Once at the lake one can follow a trail besides the spring that feeds it. From the mouth of the spring one can climb up the hill. On the way up one can catch their breath under a banyan tree. The surface below the tree is flattened and very comfortable. It is the abode of a yogi who arrives there after the monsoon.

The climb is short and once on top a beautiful view of the beach can be enjoyed. The vast horizon of the ocean is mesmerizing. If your lucky peacocks too will add to the beauty. One way trip up the hill can take about an hour. An entire day can be spent at the spring or at the lake relaxing.

Modes of travel to these sites

A tourist can hire a car or a motorcycle for themselves and go exploring on their own. The rent is charged per day. Usually this time of the year the rates are low. If that option isn’t convenient. There are taxis available. Even motorcycle taxis can be hired in Goa, they are commonly referred to as pilots.

Looking for a cheap holiday in an tourist heaven? Goa during the monsoon is a good alternative. Discounts are big and plenty. The lesser the crowd, the more it adds to the beauty and tranquility.