Goa’s own ‘Thuriya’ being readied for Golden Globe Race


Record holding Cdr. Abhilash Tomy is readying himself to sail around the world on another historic voyage. This time it will be on board the ‘Thuriya’. The voyage will be a solo, non-stop, round the world trip with Commander Tomy being the sole Indian entrant to compete in the historic Golden Globe Race.

The importance of this voyage:

The Voyage, a 50th-anniversary celebration commemorating the legendary Sir Robin Knox – Johnson’s feat in the Golden Globe Race of circumnavigating the globe solo in 1968. The challenge is pure and raw for ‘those who dare’ as Navigation is with sextant on paper charts, without GPS or other electronic instruments or autopilots; not even pocket calculators. solo, round-the-world, non-stop

Why historic?

‘Thuriya’ with Cdr. Abhilash Tomy. Pic credit: Twitter

The ‘Thuriya’ is a specially designed 32-foot, wooden sailing boat. A replica of the iconic Suhaili, which was built in Mumbai and sailed by the legendary Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.  Just like the ‘INSV Mhadei’, the ‘Thuriya’ is also being built by Aquarius Shipyard on the island of Divar, North Goa.

Scheduled for launch tomorrow, Commander Abhilash Tomy will navigate the ‘Thuriya’ around the world with conditions similar to those faced by Sir Robin Knox, with no modern navigational aids except basic equipment in a simple boat.

Information Credit: The Hindu